1. MimirHinnVitru says

    Eat your shit… Make the flies starve ..

  2. BustaNutDuring69 says

    Maybe i am a fly

  3. HorizontalBamboo says

    I was just about to go to sleep.

  4. __BigBoi__ says

    Just wait for a swarm of them follow it down your throat, have them reproduce at terrifying rates, and boom, you’re the first Dimitrescu son.

  5. Zer01704 says


  6. Whydoucallme says

    Yall don’t do that?

  7. Mystayk says

    Two flies are sitting on a turd. One fly farts, the other looks over and says, “Excuse me, I’m trying to eat over here.”

  8. zia_la says


  9. nils4i20 says

    Plus you have an unlimited food supply. world hunger solved

  10. GenderlessC says

    Recycling at it’s finest

  11. ayush1974 says

    Flies: _is for me?_ 👉👈

  12. Squirrelly_Khan says

    If someone is trying to reduce the number of flies in their house, I guess this works?

  13. Kotroti says

    Now that’s proper recycling

  14. Denise112 says

    That comment is everything 😂

  15. KeatonDoukas says

    Infinite food consumption

  16. Dababoss_yt says


  17. -ur_fbi_agent- says

    PrO gAmeR MovE

  18. EATDUNG62442 says

    A continuous cycle

  19. Hihowyadoineh says


  20. Chubby-Coxx says

    Local man solved food crisis, fly infestation, and drainage problems

  21. MrCoolyp123 says

    Unlimiteddddd….. Shiiiiitttttt

  22. Adabiviak says

    That’s a cursed comment, but the original meme is funny AF… like I can *see* the fly rubbing its legs together.

  23. DarkDatt021 says

    Recycle reduce reuse

  24. The-jokester13 says

    Nah i grab mine and fist it back in

  25. nom_shpruk says

    [this is big brain time](https://youtu.be/fZpf6QO57PA)

  26. Heybro_123 says

    Sometimes I just foil wrap it for later

  27. LongjumpingStyle says

    They come really fast. You don’t have time to finish pooping that some are already sniffing your butthole.

  28. cursedrobot says

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  29. JorgetheGamer52 says

    I used the shit to destroy the flies.

  30. Tungstenkrill says

    Some people just don’t like to share their food.

  31. devdas_ says

    Wtf is wrong with people these days

  32. erenjaegerfan says

    finally, someone who does this too!

  33. SenpaiVader2 says

    There is one they fear, he is the shit-eater.

  34. LT_smiley_ says

    I miss 10 seconds ago when I didn’t read that

  35. VinnieChengYT says

    we found messytails

  36. Final-Newt-4003 says

    Real gentelmen leave a shit, not take it

  37. USD76 says

    Messytails, is that you?

  38. Zocicepepei says

    Well at least Finland is still there

  39. arihant16 says

    does he shit a more shity shit or does food comes out when he eat his shit?

  40. rigimonoki-over says


  41. RyRy27553 says

    Eat it?!? Ewwww. I just plop it back in where it came from

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