1. Syahim says

    the pain in his voice…

  2. us3rnam3ch3cksout says

    scrolled down all the way to find a backstory or article.

    just to save you time, there is none at this time.

  3. domodojomojo says

    The headline should read “Allegedly Attempted to Murder”. Domestic violence happens to men too. The “I thought you were with some side piece” bit shouldn’t excuse her actions.

  4. CoveClan says

    I think you mean “ex-girlfriend”. LOL

  5. big-brain-bruh says

    Cheating is bad but I don’t think murder attempt is better

  6. Buhdumtssss says

    Poor guy :/

  7. I-love-lum says

    Ain’t no fucking way he getting back with her

  8. DeadHeadSteve says

    That’s attempted murder and destruction of property.. she can go away for a long time and i hope she fucking rots

    Edit: why did this comment get 2k upvotes?


    Actual domestic violence and attempted murder. Arrest this hoe and bring light to the fact that men get abused too.

  10. SylusHursh27 says

    i wanna know what happened afterwards

  11. Working_Class_Pride says

    Dodged a bullet. Literally.

  12. Charming-Arachnid256 says

    feel for the guy, you can hear the pain..

  13. Morfars-nisse says

    I hope she goes to jail but if I know the system she’s gonna be in jail 60 days -_-


    Guess this is why they say don’t stick your dick in crazy

  15. newf68 says

    Jesus what was she shooting, a cannon?!

  16. xAsilos says

    A few months ago a chick set her ex boyfriend’s house on fire because she was watched him leave his house with a new girl.

  17. FuzzyTunaTaco21 says

    Maybe he was cheating with his boy.

  18. etorres4u says

    I would say that is a clue that maybe she isn’t “the one”.

  19. Communist_Ninja says

    Who the fuck was his girlfriend, Griselda Blanco!? Tf?

  20. NamasteVibes says

    Pls jail her… and Amber.

  21. flwrgrlconnie says

    I hope that bitch go to jail like fr how pathetic do you have to be to be so jealous like could’ve been his mother sorry ass female

  22. hx-er says

    What did he crash into? I did not see any object in the video that would cause that much front damage!

  23. N1UKEZ says

    What if the girl was his mother , sister , aunt or cousin ?
    Lol people sometimes have weird logic

  24. AethericEthos says

    “I put so much money into this car bro”

    I felt that.

  25. Bob_Bibity_Bob says

    “Domestic abuser attempts to murder boyfriend after assuming he was cheating”

    Fixed the title for you

  26. whuuz says

    She had a missile launcher?

  27. bean_porn_enjoyer says

    Dude this is so fucked up you can hear the sad in his voice I feel bad for this guy hope he put her in jail

  28. poondick says

    What’s the red liquid coming out of the car?

  29. Gloomy_Living_7532 says

    As a woman, why do we get jealous when we see another girl with our guy? It doesn’t mean he’s cheating, same thing goes to when he looks at another girl. I don’t care.

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