Digital health leader PeerWell adds Dr. Jonathan Slotkin to the Board of Directors and launches its whole-person clinical practice for musculoskeletal care


SAN FRANCISCO, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PeerWell, a digital health practice for musculoskeletal care, announces the appointment of Dr. Jonathan Slotkin, MD as an independent board director. A Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, Dr. Slotkin is currently Vice Chair of Neurosurgery at Geisinger as well as Chief Medical Officer of Contigo Health, a Premier Inc. company. Dr. Slotkin has been a long-time leader in the move towards multi-specialty musculoskeletal treatment and in offering accessible, digital health services to reshape healthcare delivery.

“As a physician, I’ve seen a lot of digital healthcare solutions, but the balance of tech and touch is always off. Touch—really taking care of patients—has been missing in the musculoskeletal space to date. We can’t successfully help patients with lasting improvement, and getting back to the activities they love, without the multi-disciplinary approach that PeerWell has embraced,” shares Dr. Slotkin.

Alongside the appointment, PeerWell is launching its new clinical practice, PeerWell Health. Three years in the making, PeerWell Health is a full-stack health care provider that offers access to live multi-specialty clinicians, including Physical and Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, Mental Health Specialists, and Nurses—all guided by an assigned Care Coordinator. Patients with musculoskeletal issues, like back pain or hip and knee osteoarthritis, receive care from PeerWell’s licensed providers while also engaging with whole person, daily digital programs.

With 4 out of 10 adults in the U.S avoiding or delaying medical care due to concerns around COVID, there has been massive deterioration in the physical and mental health of those dealing with musculoskeletal issues. The launch of PeerWell Health was fast-tracked to treat the myriad of factors contributing to musculoskeletal conditions and to address multiple patient comorbidities.

Manish Shah, CEO of PeerWell, explains, “Treating one aspect of musculoskeletal health, like with physical therapy, is not enough. Truly helping patients struggling with pain and immobility means treating the interconnected factors that contribute to their condition. This is what drove us to build a multi-specialty network that can address the underlying issues stopping someone from achieving a full recovery, free of pain.”

PeerWell Health patients receive virtual care from PeerWell’s licensed providers while also engaging with content that reflects PeerWell’s holistic Five Pillars of Health and leverages its proprietary, SMART Motion technology. This comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach, supported by a patient’s individual Care Coordinator, reduces the fragmentation of care, lowers healthcare delivery costs, and improves patient recovery times.

PeerWell Health services are already reimbursed by several major insurance plans today.

About PeerWell

Founded in 2015, PeerWell is a musculoskeletal digital health platform that has helped thousands of patients. By activating the patient and coordinating their multi-specialty care, PeerWell reduces the cost of care and fragmentation, lowers risk, and improves health outcomes as well as recovery and return-to-work times. PeerWell helps people recover faster with devices they already own, safely from home. To learn more visit

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