1. reddituser35791268 says

    That’s a lot of tongue.

  2. blondechinesehair says

    His mug is empty

  3. toolargo says

    That’s all cool until one of them is hungry, wants your food, you say no, and they hit you with their heads harder than a motherfucker.

  4. twinkie2001 says

    Tough enough to keep a small dog from stealing food off a table. Now imagine your dog is 5 times taller than the table

  5. manescaped says

    Where the giraffe saliva is complimentary

  6. farts_n_darts says

    This is on my bucket list

  7. Lespaul42 says

    “Haha this is great… I didn’t want to drink anymore of this anyways haha…”

  8. BeaversAreTasty says

    Do you want a zoonotic disease? Because this how you get a zoonotic disease.

  9. alisson207 says


  10. Kangermu says

    Wow, i get to pay exorbitant prices for food some stretchy horse is gonna steal. What a deal

  11. StinkyDarkPile says


  12. 55_peters says

    If someone drops a plate and one of them long-necked bastards gets startled there is a good chance of being headbutted through a wall

  13. krzykttn says

    I got lice from a giraffe. When I was a kid. Then as an adult one tries to head-butt my husband into oblivion. I think that they might be assholes.

  14. bleunt says

    This is why we have pandemics.

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