1. Sunburn79 says

    Works for me. It’s an old repost though so you aren’t missing anything.

  2. YouAreDreaming says

    Works for me

  3. MalcolmDonovan says

    works flawlessly – that’s a crazy dude

  4. CoolNerdyReference says

    Works here. iOS 14.6, Apollo 1.10.9, iPhone 12 Pro.

    That next version of Mario Kart looks amazing.

  5. twiztedblue says

    App Version: 1.10.9
    iOS Version: 14.6
    Device: iPhone 12 Pro Max

  6. disuse says

    Nope! 🙁

  7. MonsterTruckCarpool says

    it did and man, that was intense.

  8. wwonka105 says

    Works for me
    1. Apollo App 1.10.9
    2. iOS 14.6
    3. iPad Pro (4th Gen)

  9. flinkazoid says

    Works here. Holy fuck you’re missing out. This shit is epic.

  10. this_guy83 says

    Works just fine for me. Version 1.10.9 on iPhone 7 Plus iOS 14.3

  11. aggrophobik says

    Worked here.

    iPhone SE (2020)

  12. TechWiz717 says

    iOS 14.4.2
    Apollo 1.10.9
    iPhone SE (2020)

    Works totally fine. Dude is absolutely insane, and I say this as someone getting into downhill longboarding.

  13. chocolateShakez says

    Yes it does.

  14. Sadpandabyrd says

    Works for me

  15. dtn_06 says

    It works for me

  16. Koof99 says

    Cellular thing maybe. Not a damn thing plays for me on cellular hardly ever.

  17. -Web_Rebel- says

    Works just fine for me.

  18. ComprehensiveGanache says

    Working for me. iOS

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