1. Brainix says

    My buddy used to have to profusely apologize to his girlfriend for bad dreams that she had and for things that her exes had done to her.

  2. AutisticAnal says

    pretty sure this is a joke y’all

  3. iahimide says

    Ok, this is funny and I think it’s a joke

  4. doodlelol says

    damn this really the post that made me unsub. are all redditors incapable of detecting humor?

  5. AdjustYourSet says

    It’s funny to those who haven’t dealt with this

  6. Lucky_Event says

    It’s funny when it’s on Nicegirls it’s all “just jkes Lolol tihi” but on Niceguys “It’s all real, no trolling”

  7. kingcal says

    At least she was honest

  8. adityaism_ says

    Are these two 10 yr olds?

  9. [deleted] says


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