1. Dmium says

    I tried to Google for a news story and failed. Surprisingly not because I couldn’t find any news stories but because this kind of thing has happened so often that I can’t narrow the search down

  2. bobmat343 says

    Needs sound. Angry chav and farmer sounds are required.

  3. ThinkingInSpirals says

    “Could you move your car?” I hope those words were said before the tractor came out.

  4. KRW_Deluxe says

    I actually have *some* backstory to this!

    This is very close to a popular location in the UK – ‘Lowforce’ – It’s a waterfall.


    On Saturday, I’d say roughly 100 young adults +, went to said waterfall, drinking, partying, causing damage, littering, jumping off bridges, causing disruption to the genuine tourists in the local area. So I imagine one of these people parked and blocked the farmers route which led to this.


    image of the car: [https://imgur.com/a/v0QMwwQ](https://imgur.com/a/v0QMwwQ)

  5. passerby_panda says

    I love how he’s kicking the tractor like that’s actually going to do anything.

  6. Fuquar7 says

    That valet is not getting his tip.

  7. RandomRedditor3T says

    Just for anyone wondering… the car was registered new on 30th October 2020. It is (was) 7 months old. Worth about £16,000 / $22,655.

  8. bunnyslope says

    Back story?

  9. Jack_of_Hearts20 says

    How does it get this far and this bad?

    “Can you move your car off my property?”
    The answer is “Yes” whoever you are.

    Unless he didn’t even ask them to remove it and just pulled up with a ~~tractor~~ forklift

    It always amazes me how people let simple situations escalate that badly. The whole thing could’ve been a short exchange and be done

  10. DemigodApollo says

    I know we don’t get the whole story, but I’d like to think he asked the dude to move his car before this happened. And even though it occurred on his property, I can’t help but think the farmer would still get vandalism charges.

  11. Arthradax says

    Who would win?
    a farmer operating heavy machinery —– one drunk shirtless boi

  12. skoree says

    Sucks without sound. We’ll never know what bonkers things the shirtless fellow was hollering

  13. Hi_Kitsune says

    My guess is that guy was given multiple opportunities to move his car.

  14. welktickler says

    aye but what happened before it got to that point? Clearly we have missed at least 10 minutes. Also, why was the car parked right in the middle of the road into the farm?

  15. El_Monitorrr says

    Sheesh that is another level of Don’t fuck with the wrong people. Hopefully we get some more insights over time.

  16. tvieno says

    This is how I envision The Archers to be. That David Archer has a temper sometimes

  17. versace_tombstone says

    Team no shirt could have easily avoided the car flip if he would have moved the car. Literally get in and move it as he saw the tractor approach.

  18. nighteeeeey says


  19. edsonde8at says

    That was very dangerous.

  20. illoomi says

    just cause it’s not right doesn’t mean it isn’t very satisfying to watch

  21. JBenglishman says

    Farmer is going to have some serious questions to answer for the HSA. He could gave killed that guy when he hit him with the forks. Yeah move the car is pushing your luck endangering somebodies life is likely to see a police investigation at a minimum.

  22. avergo says

    I literally don’t care what the dude in the car did. It doesn’t matter. There is absolutely no justification for destroying someone’s car in rage and smacking them to the ground with a fork lift.

  23. captain_Natjo says

    As much as I’d side with the farmer, 100% he could be sued or criminalised far more than the person parking on his land, for the endangerment of human life (how he swung the thing around and hit the dude) and property damage of the car AND blocking the road with the car… don’t know what crime that is but it is a crime.

  24. LifeVitamin says

    Not sure why people are clapping at stupidity here. I’m sure the one that came out laughing at the end was the dude because he got to record this absolute dumbass giving him the easiest court case in history and and top of that it he hit him with the forklift.

  25. -Senseii- says

    Looks like at the beginning the shirtless hero was egging him on, waving his arm in a “come on then do it” motion thinking he wouldn’t. The man in the fork lift thingy simply obliged.

  26. bazzanoid says

    He said it’s his courtesy car. Anyone able to get the plate off it? Looks like DN70 but I can’t read the rest. I really want to look this up to see if it’s one of my company’s fleet to see what was written on the accident report

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