1. NotTodayNSA5117 says

    The Corridor Digital guys are great

  2. Penguin-Monk says

    When you’re describing what you’re doing to the DM and then roll a natural 1

  3. Bum_bum-bum says


  4. Smart_Gacko says

    [TactiCOOL RELOADS](https://youtu.be/VI4NZW8q6nU) is the first one in the series;

    [Tac2COOL RELOADS](https://youtu.be/wk0O95K__to) is where op got this from, it starts at 3:51, and

    [TactiCOOL 3LOADS](https://youtu.be/Ogr86FHeU6s) is the third one. There aren’t any more as of yet

  5. HalfEatenTwatWaffle says

    Credit to corridor digital on yt

  6. IdealSundew9038 says

    At least credit them

  7. SndFX2 says

    Niko’s confidence is hilarious

  8. Cryptedcrypter says

    thought I was watching a [bolly]wood film / series until he capped himself.

  9. PhilaClimber says

    This has some major Bollywood action movie vibes

  10. true_beast says

    Nico did all that just to get shot

  11. BonBonsHandPuppet says


  12. Quantum_Schwift says

    Corridor! 🤗💜

  13. legionofnerds says

    Looks like a Bollywood movie

  14. DRAGON_SNIPER says

    You fucked up my yawn and I choked. Shit was too fucking funny.

  15. floydster21 says

    Ayyyye it’s Niko!!!

    *edited Nico to Niko

  16. nomorepantsforme says

    But he didn’t chamber the round

  17. Amanwalkedintoa says

    This is one of the few YouTube channels I can binge watch ALL DAY

  18. doortoriver says

    This has such Psych vibes, somehow.

    The next moment in the video is someone yelling, SHAAAWN!!

  19. drewmana says

    isnt there one of these where he just kills himself at the end or something

  20. noob_sova says


  21. Moxximars says

    It looks like William Osman.

  22. The_Ancient_Memer says


  23. broomaktamer117 says

    corridor is pretty cool!

  24. cob_feather says

    Love corridor crew haha

  25. big-boi-spoder-mann says

    Since when did Corridor become a bollywood studio?

  26. thebigggd says

    Indian movies : Write that down! Write that down!

  27. JoshTheTrucker says

    NIKO NO!

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