1. WordplayWizard says

    This annoys me. Every time I use filler I have to go over it at least 20 times with the spatula thingy to get it perfect.

  2. StudioRat says

    From the comments below it seems that a lot of people don’t understand how drywall / gypsum board is installed and finished.

    Drywall comes in 4’x 8’ sheets and is screwed to the wall studs using drywall screws. Old time drywall installers used drywall nails, which were ridged to help avoid them popping out over time. Nearly always screws nowadays. The screws are turned in until they are just below the surface of the wall board. During the joint filling operation, these screws are covered with drywall compound (commonly referred to as mud). That’s what you see happening in this video. After sanding there’s a pretty good possibility that they may need a second skim of mud.

    Part of this operation (not shown) is taping and filling the joints between sheets and the ceiling to wall joint. This involves putting a layer of mud and embedding drywall tape (either mesh or paper) and pushing it into the mud with a trowel edge. That reinforces the joint and prevents cracking. After drying the joint will be covered again with several thin skim coats of mud, with troweling, drying and sanding between each application.

    If you watch a good drywall installer it seems like a simple process. It’s not. Lots of practice required to get good at this!

  3. MrSqueegy says

    This video is fake because the outlets haven’t been drywalled over.

  4. Cheesemonger543 says

    I hate every part of drywall but I am getting better.

  5. dabbinthenightaway says

    When I do this it looks like I had 3 fingers removed and suffered a seizure.

    Impressive skillz.

  6. ecklipzzz says

    Now do the corners.

  7. JustSaaayinn says

    Only 300 more coats and 4 hour of sanding to go

  8. tryte_programm says

    Holes/ No Holes/ Holes/ No Holes/ Holes….

  9. solateor says

    Creator: @tkdmaxbjj

  10. BroodjeFissa says

    So we are not gonna say anything about the dark spot on the third row?

    (I was still impressed though)

  11. Scraphead91 says


  12. ic3sides197 says

    Bad ass work!

  13. disharmony-hellride says

    I watched this six times

  14. biiingo says

    Loop this shit

  15. restlessleg says

    hi, im not carpenter savvy. is this not the same as spackle?

  16. dtardiff2 says

    Wtf! He forgot to fill the electrical boxes! What a hack

  17. 123apples123 says

    What are those holes for?

  18. nishit2696 says

    Master, teach me master

  19. ThatsARepost24 says

    ……so mud

  20. bballkj7 says

    I’m horny now after seeing all these holes filled

  21. joekecake says

    Can someone make an infinite gif of this?

  22. b4ttlepoops says

    For Gods sake’s…when people post can they please at least learn what they are talking about before they post the titles. No professional I know calls it “ gypsum dust compound”… that sounds like fairies are magically going to make it smooth and finished lol.
    It’s drywall mud, aka joint compound. It’s a nice post, just slaughtered title like many others.

  23. uprightsalmon says

    Fill those bitches

  24. icefox222 says

    Loop it please and put it in r/perfectloops

  25. Only_BlackTShirt_Guy says

    Hahahah when I do it.. it looks like shit :’(

  26. Blister1nTheSun says

    Fuck yea, full those holes

  27. txsxxphxx2 says

    This dude fills holes better than i do

  28. mrliamvr says

    it’s a perfect loop omg

  29. lonelyocean7 says

    Gypsum dust? It’s just fast set

  30. Ponies59 says

    I’d you cut it correctly it looks like it could be a perfect loop

  31. rokaabsa says

    no tape in the corner, cheaping out on screws

  32. lucidum says

    Loop this so we can zen

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