1. BMAC561 says

    Boss: Why isn’t the trench dug yet?

  2. pahag says

    Very cool and all, even if there is a suspicious cut before the final five bottles.

  3. HintClueClintHugh says

    I bet he’d still drop the prize in a claw machine.

  4. graeskost says

    Bottles don’t line up like that in the wild.
    These are clearly trained bottles.

  5. kaydub02 says

    The real reason road construction takes so long

  6. 82BS says

    Impressive operating

  7. crack_smokin_warlock says

    I backed my car into a cop car the other day…

  8. LuisPeixotoRE says

    I bet that guy can untie a bra with the JCB machine easily

  9. samarthrawat1 says

    Fun fact: JCB is the name of the company that sells the product and not the product itself.

  10. my10cworth says

    Send man into space and this… us humans love a challenge.

  11. Vegetable-Scallion-2 says

    ‘How was your day at work hun?’

    ‘Oh don’t talk flatout all day. Not even time for lunch!’

  12. Rachit_Tanwar says

    Better than JCB ki khudaai

  13. mothermatriarch says

    sort of unrelated: my mom drove forklifts for her job and would flip coins with the forklift

  14. tumsandweed says

    My dad was an incredibly skilled operator. His union was Operating Engineers. He was also a severe alcoholic who drank himself to death in 1995 at 44. He never saw the internet so I always think about how cool he would have thought videos like this were. Probably would have tried some stuff on his own. Get help if you need it man. Don’t miss the next internet.

  15. donthatethevape says

    Fuck, these “I’m not a bot” tests are getting harder and harder.

  16. sinfulthoughts17 says

    *Caterpillar has ended the chat*

  17. Scorppio500 says

    When you’re trying to show someone you really need their honey bun from their lunch while on your lunch break.

  18. Svenopolis says

    I had an uncle that could flip coins into the bucket doing this. I think I managed to maybe once or twice. It was fun to learn.

  19. 100LittleButterflies says

    Certification exams are getting harder ever year.

  20. gelinrefira says

    The skill is always impressive, but the fact we can build a machine that is so gigantic and yet have such fine level of control available for this level of manipulation is pretty crazy.

  21. Mulligan315 says

    Is there a hoe olympics? A ho-lympics, if I may.

  22. Tnotsomobile says

    Peter Griffin when he got to use that forklift.

  23. ThePieceOfCorn says

    Pretty sure this is actually a Kubota mini

  24. ovine_aviation says

    Amazing control. Also a great start. Only 5 trillion to go.

  25. RedditerNik says


  26. ChintanP04 says

    America’s Got Talent judges: “Rejected. The JCB’s parents didn’t die.”

  27. Jrobzin says

    Your girl sees this backhoe driver at the bar you ain’t getting your hoe back

  28. theasianevermore says

    Nice to see why I-15 took 22 years to get almost done…

  29. manuealllllll says

    It’s called a backhoe loader. JCB is the company.

  30. davidlol1 says

    Run one for a little while and anyone could do this. It’s talent but not necessarily extraordinary. Been operator for 20 years.

  31. newstart3385 says

    Serious question what makes this so talented?

  32. Better_Garbage9492 says

    This wasn’t his first rodeo! I don’t know how much experience you get from one rodeo so that’s a weird saying but still this person has bucket skills.

  33. hollywuud7 says

    This operator should be the official trainer of his company

  34. hashkingkong says

    Hold my beer!

  35. Dewinsky says


  36. Turnkeygarlic says

    Sparky!!!!!! can you come look at this!

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