1. dhmtbgreg80303 says

    Isn’t the point of stimulus checks to stimulate the economy by buying stuff?

  2. wigzell78 says

    As a somewhat poor (think house *rental* and car *payments* but no spending money and living paycheck to paycheck) I cannot begin to tell you how much enjoyment RDR2 has brought me over the last few years. Being broke with a console is massively different to being broke without one.

  3. s-p-a-r-k-3-s says

    You could also escape your reality by immersing yourself in another one.

  4. Xenophics says

    I agree with the spirit of the tweet but the data shows that around 75% of Americans spent the first stimulus check on either necessities (like rent or groceries) or paying down debt.


    The last two checks also reduced food shortages and financial instability by about 40%.


    These kinds of social safety nets really do work and sound be supported even outside of Covid.

  5. BillTowne says

    The idea that Americans don’t deserve anything but abject poverty, that idea is your gift from our new corporate overlords. We are not even worthy of voting any more, now that they are passing laws letting them decide what votes to count and which should be tossed.

  6. BumpoSplat says

    Having something to do is important.

  7. NatakuNox says

    Plus that money actually went into the economy. The majority of the trillion made by the 1% during the pandemic will never see circulation again. Money made by the working class is good for the economy. Money made by the wealthy largely buys fewer goods and services than if that money was used by others. Wonder why inflation is so high, nearly every dollar spent by the working class is circulated. Meaning that money gets taxed and goes to another’s wallet, hopefully to be spent again. However, when that money hits your CEOs wallet or a large corporations bank account it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s all in foreign bank accounts or used in stock buybacks. Therefore the government has two options, print more money to keep things afloat or don’t and every dollar will end up at the top.

    Edit: I can’t find the source. (wording when searching now isn’t fruitful.) but sometimes like ¢75 – ¢89 of every dollar made by working class people is recirculated and only ¢15 – ¢23 by be wealthy. Numbers are probably off. If anyone can find that it would be a good bookmark for me down the road

  8. MotherofJackals says

    Reminds me of a good friend years ago who thought of herself as a financial wizard. She couldn’t understand why my husband and I couldn’t afford to buy a home. I explained our income just wasn’t sufficient. She assured me she could make a plan for us.

    Her “plan” was no eating out, no movies, no cable, no subscriptions to anything and no vacations. When I showed her we did none of these things her new plan became no gifts, no holiday celebrations, no birthdays for the children, no school trips, and no activities or hobbies. We sat and figured out it would only take ten years (based on what I was currently spending on those things) to save for a down payment. Her face as she did the math was priceless. She couldn’t understand how we lived on so little money or grasp how much we did without and still were unable to afford a home. She came from an upper middle class background and had never actually understood what being low income was actually like. At the time our monthly income was slightly more than she and her husband made each week. That was 25 years ago but I still remember her smug attitude until she went over my income and budget.

  9. lambofgun says

    its a *stimulus* not a welfare check

    shit i got my bathroom remodelled with a bluetooth fan/speaker/LED light, subway tile 12ft up, ledges specifically for shower beers, bad ass tile floors, cool ass black faucets

  10. Peligrogato says

    Why buy console when you can buy video game company?

  11. demeterspersephone says

    But like for real. If you saved that $600 you could totally buy a $300k house. I mean you’d need a rich parent to pay for the rest of it. But totally doable.

  12. Financial_Ratio5758 says

    This 600$ is like monthly or? My country doesn’t have these.

  13. Bryaxis says

    A few years ago, I read about a single mother who was criticized for using food stamps to buy her son an XBox. She explained that it was better for her boy to spend his afternoons and weekends playing video games than roaming the streets where he could get involved with gangs. That stuck with me.

  14. bismark89-2 says

    Me and my wife used ours to pay for our sons daycare for a year. Saved us $720 paying it up front versus monthly..

  15. elaehar says

    Like the people who turn their nose up at giving money to the homeless because they “just buy drugs with it”. Yes mate they most likely are, £5 isn’t going to get them a room at the Hilton for the night is it? If I were homeless I’d do drugs to escape reality as well.

  16. pizzapartypandas says

    Can’t afford going to club or the bar, staying home gaming is cheap.

  17. MaximumEffort433 says

    Republicans getting pissed off that some people spent their stimulus checks on alcohol and weed and it’s like yeah, GOP, why would anybody want alcohol and weed during a *year long global pandemic?*

  18. tristanxskpn says

    Although you could get a 10 year old console with a bunch of games for like $20 and get 90% of enjoyment

  19. Hibercrastinator says

    Um…. Isn’t the whole point of stimulus to *stimulate* the economy? As in, *people buy things*? I’m confused, if they wanted or expected stimulus to only go towards financial institutions or food suppliers to keep those industries afloat then why not just bail out the rich and elite capitalists directly without the extra steps? Oh wait

  20. beers_n_bags says

    Research in Australia found a significant amount of stimulus money paid out during covid was spent on gambling and alcohol.

    The government also allowed us to access up to $20k from our superannuation… which also was spent on gambling and alcohol.

  21. Mackheath1 says

    My aunt: “See? Look those people are in trailer parks but they have a big screen television.”
    Me: “Your fucking point?”

  22. DurangoLSD says

    Mine have all gone to weed. What can I say, I love weed. I like to smoke a little weed with my weed

  23. twocheeky says

    i bought a switch and animal crossing, airpods and an ipad and apple pencil with mine. thankfully australia got massive ones so i was able to buy all the shit ive been wanting for years and i havent regretted them

  24. benson822175 says

    That type of mentality just worsens things and keeps you fucked financially. If instead of working out of your debt and putting money you get to reduce it, you kept buying new stuff or adding to debt, you’re screwing yourself over

  25. facetfykugf says

    Ahh you you get to be double fucked. I think we’re going to pay to get our dog neutered with ours so.. at least you aren’t him.

  26. RastaRocket96 says

    Me rn

  27. 818090 says

    $600 in stonks can change your life, well it’s a good start. So far it’s the most money I’ve ever saved.

  28. BatterseaPS says

    A few years ago, my family entered a financial hardship due to a medical issue, and I had to take out a $15,000 loan. When the bank was going over the options for me, they said something like “we offer loans that range from $200 to $40,000.” Now, I thought I was screwed because I was $15,000 in debt. But I had to reflect and consider how completely in trouble I must be if a $200 loan from the bank was going to make or break me.

  29. taco_powered_robot says

    You guys can find consoles to buy?

  30. F1shB0wl816 says

    Exactly, plus that’s the point. Stimulate the economy. Paying bills is good but that only goes so far, and really just gets held by people who are less apt to spend it.

    It’s the same reason people started investing and gambling with their stimulus. It’s good people have caught an interest but general market returns for someone who’s been in my financial place won’t really mean shit by the end of my road or many others. People want life changing money, otherwise you may as well be fucked with some enjoyable things.

    Idk what people seriously expected with these checks. In my cheapest, my frugal states of living, those checks wouldn’t have made much of a difference besides buying a couple weeks of time. Couple weeks isn’t much of anything with a situation that drags on for well over a year.

  31. apittsburghoriginal says

    I like to think a lot of people put it into meme stocks, which have performed unrealistically well in recent months. If you put $600 into AMC just in mid February – that would end up being roughly $5.2k at the moment. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 looking at how stock ends up performing and with those volatile stocks it is basically just gambling, but still.

    That might not be significantly life altering, but even half of that is a solid down payment on a decent car or enough to pay off some debt. Or pay for a current gen console on eBay.

  32. otter6461a says

    Like “why does this poor person have a big TV and videos games?” Dammit let them have SOMETHING

  33. DietInTheRiceFactory says

    How can you work a third job if you’re busy on the Nintendo?

  34. TaupeGarconHeaux says

    Economic stimulation is beneficial regardless of the industry.

  35. clullanc says

    Isn’t video games what’s keeping people sane by keeping them busy?
    A lot more people would turn to drinking just to kill the boredom without them 🙄😕🙃

  36. Pixeresque says

    Dunno i would propably rather save that money to have it as a backup in case the situation gets even shitter but you do you.

  37. hairy-beary says

    An “Xbox” (one) would cost around $150 max. A year of gamepass for $150. Lots left to do with that remaining $300.

  38. [deleted] says


  39. SJWBeatsTheMarket says

    I’d spend $600 on a good flesh light so I can stimulate myself just as much as the economy

  40. MjTcConnell3 says

    Kyle Rittenhouse used his to pay his friend to buy an automatic weapon. Republicans are more mad about people buying video games than an out of state 17 year old executioner.

  41. ToastedCheezer says

    I got my car towed twice and fixed, had emergency service calls on our furnace, refrigerator, AND kitchen range all within the space of two weeks for a grand total of $1507. Retired and on a fixed income, the stimulus check helps but is gone in a flash. Any emergency could wipe us out!

  42. BDT81 says

    When I used my tax return to get a PS4, I had to explain to people that all my bills were paid and this check wouldn’t even clear my rent. The PS4 was the one thing I bought that year that was for me.

  43. darthStark22 says

    Anyway, isn’t that what the purpose of the stimulus checks was? Weren’t they supposed to stimulate the economy by being spent?

  44. thylocene06 says

    Literally the whole point of the stimulus check was for people to go buy stuff

  45. Monkmode300 says

    If you complain about workers getting 2k, and not about how Kanye got 7 mill, you’re a bootlicker of capital, and a traitor to your fellow worker.

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