1. Maxfunky says

    Even if this wouldn’t be unconstitutional, Google, Twitter and Facebook could each just go buy a theme park. Problem solved.

  2. supereyeballs says

    How are they going to enforce this?

  3. Synthwoven says

    I am curious if the Disney exception causes this to violate the Bill of Attainder portion of the Constitution. It is not naming a specific person to persecute, but rather is persecuting everyone except one (sort of the opposite of the bill of attainder). The unfairness of the Disney exception feels like it ought to be yet another reason why this is impermissible.

  4. StickSauce says

    Assuming this is upheld: Congratulations, a special Terms of Service for people and places affiliated with Florida will now be in effect, specifically: This product or service is not available in your state or region.

    You want to use it in Florida? You’ll have to lie, and say you’re elsewhere, and VPN. Breach of terms means instant perma-ban.

  5. sharkbite217 says

    TIL Disney is a social media platform

  6. zaaxuk says

    So what happens if they don’t pay the fine, will they scream and hold their breath?

  7. corkyskog says

    If your not running in an election how are you a political candidate? Isn’t literally anyone technically a political candidate who isn’t running in an election?

  8. stumpdawg says

    Fucking snowflakes

  9. Limp_Distribution says

    Stupidity is the biggest threat to American Democracy.

  10. QueenOfQuok says

    If they make an exception for Disney then it’s just a bill of attainder with extra steps

  11. SLCW718 says

    This isn’t Constitutional. Companies enjoy the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expression. They cannot be forced to host people who violate their TOS.

  12. [deleted] says


  13. fluffspeed says

    Florida making laws is like my 4 year old cooking dinner by himself.

  14. retiredhobo says

    GOP: “If a Republican gets banned—it’s a fine!”

    Also GOP: “If a Democrat gets banned—it’s ~~a~~ fine.”

  15. lonestar34 says

    Good way to get a social media blackout in your state

  16. Heinrich_Bukowski says

    I was perma-banned on r/DeSantis *for posting the plain text of the First Amendment*

  17. AvengerMKII says

    Or you know, social media can restrict access to Florida users. That would be hilarious because it’s the free market at work.

  18. eblack4012 says

    These damn small government republicans are seeking more power for government over private businesses, again. I’m starting to think they were lying when they said they really just want government off our backs.

  19. wtfburritoo says

    Absolutely pathetic and transparent pandering, both the bill itself in general, and the blatantly obvious catering to Disney.

    Florida is like the dangling turd stuck in America’s asshole, hanging halfway into the toilet water, but stubbornly refusing to break loose and flush.

  20. oblication says

    Tell me you’re still butthurt by the election without telling me … etc.

  21. Street_Angle4356 says

    Florida is known to be an odd state. We are entertained by them, not learning from them.

  22. Blackulla says

    Wouldn’t the logical step be to ban people in Florida from using any platform they try to fine?

  23. rafaelloaa says

    > The law wouldn’t apply to temporary social media bans on a candidate… But any social media ban that lasts longer than 60 days would result in a fine.

    So ban them for 59 days, unlock their account for 10 seconds then ban them again.

  24. RollingCarrot615 says

    ” the Senate’s version called for fines of $10,000 per day for banning a political candidate and $100,000 if the candidate was running for election. The House version bumped the daily fines to $25,000 and $250,000.”

    Can’t imagine this will be easy to police. Some crazy schmuck can run for office and be banned by Twitter, and then Twitter gets fined.

  25. payne747 says

    While their in the business of forcing people to share their shit, let’s see them try and push mainstream media into not cutting interviews short, airing every politicians rant, dedicating an hour to them live during primetime, uninterrupted coverage on a dedicated channel-

    Where does it end? At what point could a private company say “enough, we’re not listening to you anymore”.

  26. the_ranting_swede says

    Florida: Let’s make Miami the new tech center

    Also Florida: Here’s some laws targeting tech companies

    … Later Florida: why are no tech companies coming to Florida?

  27. rushmc1 says

    No one even *tries* to appear impartial in any red state anymore, do they?

  28. FleshlightModel says

    Okay so you are trying to fine a private business for not allowing someone access to said private business’ services? Then other private businesses should also abide by this proposed law.

    For example conservative businesses/business owners banning gay and trans people should also be fined $10k per day.

    But someone please let me know how this isn’t “overreaching government into private business affairs”. Go ahead, I’ll wait

  29. staticrooted says

    A Florida bill… lmao I wonder who lives in Florida that would be so whiny about banning politicians…

  30. OwlThief32 says

    Social media platforms are companies and if you violate the terms of service you will in turn be terminated from using the service. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

  31. timelessblur says

    This billed would get tossed so fast as unconstitutional. Don’t they understand they are risking the gop good fortune of citizen United if they win this one.

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