1. UYScutiPuffJr says

    It’s nice to see small trucks again…I have a 1998 3/4 ton gopher pickup that I only use to go to the dump, move landscape materials and pick up stuff that’s too big for our normal vehicles, and it is absolutely dwarfed by the same class of truck from 2021. Like, my truck is the size of the Ford Ranger now, and it was “full-size” when it was new in 98.

  2. 303MkVII says

    So it’s a Ranger that’s actually the size of the old Ranger.

  3. Shawnzilla85 says

    Holy shit. I looked today and saw my trucks value is 10k more than I owe. I would gladly trade it in and get one of these little bad boys. Cut my payment in half and I’m almost certain the insurance would be cheaper. Plus the gas savings. I’m actually excited.

  4. JonPA98 says

    Finally they are listening to consumers. Not everybody wants or can afford to get into debt for a 70,000 dollar luxury monster that will never tow anything near its abilities

  5. Blueberry_Mancakes says

    I really miss the small trucks of the 80s/90s. My MIL has a little datsun pickup that’s awesome for 99% of the things an average homeowner would need it for (landscaping, estate sales, moving some furniture, going to the dump, etc).

  6. uiuyiuyo says

    About time. Many people would love a truck with some nice features just for moving furniture, home depot trips, TVs, and big boxes that otherwise wouldn’t fit in an SUV.

    I’m seriously considering buying this for my retired father. I was going to buy him like a $50K RAM since that’s like all any dealer has or gets ordered it seems, but this would do exactly the same thing for all intents and purposes, it would get better mileage, have good tech/connectivity, and then the family would have a truck for people to use when they need to pick up or move random oversized stuff. We don’t tow, we don’t haul heavy shit, we just sometimes need a truck.

  7. Nik_Tesla says

    I would love this, I’ve wanted the utility of a truck, but they are just so god damn enormous that it’s not practical for living in the suburbs and occasional city use. I don’t need to tow a building.

  8. turbodude69 says

    ford is really killing it these days. they’re straight up leaving GM and dodge in the dust.

  9. johnel11 says

    Does anyone remember, the original Ford Maverick car had a sticker price $1995? I guess Ford remembered

  10. Weird_Surname says

    Do you think truck guys are going to shit on this because it’s a unibody truck with FWD as a base model, similar to the Honda Ridgeline, though I think the Honda is AWD for all trims now.

  11. A40 says

    Only 3/4 ton capacity? That’s pretty small… Will it handle groceries? I buy a lot of groceries.. and sometime I might want to carry.. a TV maybe?

    I better get the F-150.

  12. bubbleburgz says

    It’s about fucking time big auto and North America did this..

  13. LoneStarFracker says

    Targeting an estimated* 40MPG for the base hybrid model.

    Which would be awesome, would also like to see the numbers on the 2.5L eco boost as well. They’re clearly targeting a market that doesn’t want a big bulky gas guzzler of a truck

  14. CouncilmanRickPrime says

    Me: man that F-150 lightning is perfect! I want to get it!

    Me now: hold on now…

  15. LeadRain says

    So… what confuses me about all these new announcements is the chip shortage. Ford announces they are halting production on the regular F150s the day before they announce the Lightening… and now there’s a new truck with more electronic gadgets in it?

    How do they plan on producing all this stuff during the shortage? Truck lots by me (there are a lot) are bare… either extremely base models (smaller engines, two doors, no 4WD) or stupid expensive ($75k+).

    I wanted to buy a pre-owned F150 last year and got priced out. I wanted basically a level above what I would consider base without sacrificing the functionality of a pickup (so 4 doors, V8, 4WD) and I was looking at between $45-55k. How the hell can the working class types afford that!?

  16. uid_0 says

    Now if they would just start making 2-door trucks again.

  17. freebikeontheplains says

    I lived in Australia in the 70s, had a Holden Ute. I’ve always wished for something similar in the US.

  18. Wips_and_Chains says

    This will be the perfect truck as the biggest buy I get is ikea flat pack stuff but can’t because I need a truck. I love the four doors too for kids and stuff

  19. Anaxamenes says

    I only want one of it comes with dark blue vinyl seats that become like the surface of the sun if left outside on a hot day. Just like the 71 maverick we had. Bonus points if the fabric feels like burlap!

  20. HingedToenail says

    Smart move. At first I thought “lol who wants a V4 truck designed for the city with the towing capacity of a Shetland pony” and then realized: landscapers. They’re priced out of the big trucks right now, either new or used, and that’s IF they can find one. If they don’t need to tow a camper or a livestock trailer, a V4 should do fine.

  21. In-Ozz-We-Trust says

    I don’t want a truck that people can ask me for rides.

  22. Illwarthog says

    Thank god. Not even Toyota knows how to do a small truck anymore.

  23. Shidell says

    Gonna go off-topic for a second here:

    A lot of comments are centering around the idea of picking up sheet goods and doing home repair, picking up large, bulky items like furniture, a lawnmower, etc. or taking yard waste and the like to the dump—and justifying the rationale for a small pickup/farm truck/utility vehicle to do so.

    You should really be considering a utility trailer instead. For $350 at Harbor Freight, you get a complete trailer set rated for 1500 lbs with a 4×8′ bed that both pivots to the ground (for easy load/unload) *and* folds up—you can literally fold this trailer into thirds, stand it up, and roll it against a wall in your garage or shed. It is incredibly easy to store.

    You can tow this behind almost any vehicle, including even compact cars, as long as a towing hitch and wiring harness is available.

    Harbor Freight has a reputation for being cheap, poor quality. I’m not here to argue that point, per se, but can say that I have owned this trailer for over 10 years, and have been towing it with a 2009 Hyundai Elantra the entire time. I’ve gone intrastate with it; hauled an entire house’s worth of furniture from IKEA, moved three times, and performed major renovations on not just my own home, but friends’ and family’s homes, too.


    There are good uses for trucks, and I like to see small trucks making a return to the market, but I would stand up and argue that most people should really be purchasing a sedan or an SUV and using a trailer instead. It’s more practical for most purposes, and honestly, a 4×8′ flat trailer is easier to use for hauling sheet goods and other materials than even a pickup with a full size bed.

    As a bonus tip, you can buy a [Bagster](https://www.homedepot.com/p/WM-Bagster-Dumpster-in-a-Bag-Holds-up-to-3-300-lb-775-658/202228840) and simply use it as a pop-up trailer bed. It’s 4×8′, so it fits the trailer perfectly. You can run straps over it and through the included handles, helping to secure loose loads, like yard debris or boxes. It’s tough and durable, you can wash it out with a garden hose, and when you’re done it folds together for compact storage into the space of a milk crate.

  24. HorrorScopeZ says

    The Sport Trak is BACK!

  25. Pershing22 says

    Absolutely love this idea, and especially the inside Joke they did back in 1970, with the Original Maverick: 1970 car for 1960’s Prices. $1.995 out the Door 😆👌🏻

  26. hawksdiesel says

    Just hope the parts for this truck are cheap but not cheaply made!

  27. Johnnywildcat says

    “The payoff is in fuel efficiency; Ford says that the hybrid Maverick should achieve 40 mpg (5.9 L/100 km) in the city and a combined 37 mpg (6.4 L/100 km).”
    Why would the highway mpg be lower than the city mpg?

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