1. stolid_agnostic says

    The thing that was most shocking is that there were hardly any vaccines out there when he did this. Like they had just started going out at that time…

  2. c1496011 says

    Three years in prison, a felony record, and loss of career. Good decision making is not this mans forte.

  3. LaserTurboShark69 says

    Let me guess, he thought the vaccines were bullshit and didn’t work, so he pulled some bullshit to make them not work?

  4. AnyAnusIWant says

    As a fellow pharmacist this news is just awesome. Strip this guy of his license for life and make his remaining years a living hell from a financial perspective. We are consistently rated the most trusted healthcare professionals because of our accessibility and overall medical fluency, and shit like this just tarnishes our profession.

  5. Mythosaurus says

    Unfortunately he will see this sentence as deep-state persecution, and learn nothing while locked away for his crimes

  6. JustAFleshWound1 says

    I hope it was worth it, jackass.

  7. crake says

    Sentence sounds about right to me. FYI, there is no parole in the federal system, so he will serve the full sentence.

    As I understand it, he destroyed the doses, but did not inject anyone with any tampered-with doses, so I think a life sentence would be extreme (honestly surprised to see people calling for that). The guy will never be a licensed pharmacist again, so he’s going to go from making $150k/yr to $10/hr picking up garbage in a public park, if he can even get that job with a felony conviction. That punishment is for life, so I think it’s fair because this man clearly lacked the basic knowledge of science that is necessary to be a pharmacist.

    On that last point, it is really disconcerting that a registered pharmacist could be converted to anti-vaxx by conspiracy theories. It’s pretty hard to become a pharmacist, and involves no small amount of formal education in the hard sciences. This whole thing is analogous to the airline pilot who suddenly believes that airplanes are distributing chemtrails in the air and disables the aircraft to prevent it. I find it hard to believe that a pilot could ever actually believe such an insane conspiracy theory, but it is equally insane that a pharmacist could ever believe an insane anti-vaxx conspiracy theory.

    Sounds like the guy was mentally ill and got found out. 3 years is appropriate.

  8. egospiers says

    3 years in federal prison, and the loss of a six figure job to OWN THE LIBS!!!!!

  9. thenebular says

    He’s a pharmacist who thought the vaccine could change people’s DNA…

    One would think the education he received in order to be licenced would prevent that.

  10. friend_jp says

    Wow that’s more than I thought he’d get. Doubt he will serve all three.

  11. cynicaldoubtfultired says

    What a way to ruin your life. 3 years in prison, and losing any chance of ever working as a pharmacist ever again.

  12. adam_demamps_wingman says

    And these are SOME of the professional people women have to deal with for their reproductive medicines. Not all pharmacists are bad but when you get a bad one, it stinks on ice.

    I once received a refill that had capsules about 5 times as large as the previous refills. I often wonder what would have happened had I not been aware enough to notice the mistake.

  13. Suckydog says

    “The DA noted that Brandenburg is an admitted conspiracy theorist who told investigators he believed the vaccine was unsafe and could change people’s DNA.”

  14. Tipsy247 says

    I hope he finished paying off his student loans

  15. newmes says

    Good. Fucking idiot deserves it

  16. BlueSteelWizard says

    Who thought it would be a good idea to let Walter White near the chemical processing equipment?

  17. notherday11 says

    Okay, this might sound weird but I swear I’ve seen this guy’s face in a video unrelated to this news piece. Is my brain malfunctioning?

    I feel like I watched some video with him acting weird but it had nothing to do with this event specifically.

  18. therapewpewtic says

    Great. Now do politicians who encouraged people to act as if there wasn’t a pandemic.

  19. Allenrw3 says

    This fucker needs serious help.

  20. hodorspot says

    More proof that just because people go to school doesn’t mean they’re smart

  21. egalroc says

    Donald loses another Trump voter due to a felony. And his right to bear arms too.

  22. WizardDresden77 says

    Bet he wasn’t expecting such a harsh sentence.

  23. Hobbes09R says

    Reading up on this man, he probably needs a psych ward more than a prison. He’s so far down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories that he’d turned off most the lights upstairs. He believed the earth was flat and the sky to be a shield set up by the government to keep us from seeing God. He also carried a gun around at work in case the military took him away. He believe the vaccines were made to implant microchips and would both mess with a person’s birth control AND make a person infertile.

    In short, that man’s not sane. In any case he should not be a pharmacist, which happily he will never again be.

  24. StefTakka says

    I’m surprised it’s only three years. Fucking with medication is a serious offence, I would see a sentence that long for a lay person but a pharmacist is qualified. They should receive harsher consequences.

  25. jeefray says

    Going to Club Fed to run the pharmacy.

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