1. IntellectualBurger says

    Fills out the palm nicely

  2. asim_riz says

    Everything was nice & aromatic until I saw that it’s wired :/

  3. MichaelKirkham says

    Get it and do a mouse review. No balls.

  4. samobalco says

    r/fucknestle XDDD

  5. ynneK_ says

    What does endgame mean?

  6. LaNcEL0tarchie says

    Whoops that’s quite cool

  7. baba_booey420 says

    “Yet again more proof that shape is king 🤓”

  8. ShoessDelicious says

    Hey, this is a famous coffee brand from Brazil!

    Edit Why the downvotes bruh, I did not know they have this in other countries, srry

  9. SL0thful_ says

    Hey I have that coffee 🙂

  10. paul-is-cool says


  11. Lynx343 says

    we gotta get this to shroud

  12. Xajel says

    So I can add/remove coffee to have the perfect weight?

  13. Ekollon8688 says


  14. TypeRich says

    Get some PTFE on this and you’ll be sorted.

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