1. chocOne0one says

    Wtf did that guy do besides record a crime?

  2. Agitated_Finance2468 says

    That woman’s fucked.

  3. SnooBooks1057 says

    Why the idiot filming didn’t call the fire department.

  4. ItsMeAgainF says

    That’s love… and thanks to this video a lot of jail time

  5. Kill_My_Doppleganger says

    She going to jail for about 10 years

  6. ilboabno says

    That’s why you don’t stick your dick in crazy

  7. UnknownMyoux says

    She just went full psyochopath… burning a house down is waaaaaaaaay too much!

  8. NbsMstDie says

    they do anything but leave

  9. mikkibeam says

    Did the lady crawling out of the basement say her dog was in there?

  10. Tall_Two_9187 says

    I’d be so pissed if it was like a duplex or something and my shit burned down

  11. joeycorrea says

    Glad Michael J Fox took the time to film AND provide color commentary.

  12. maartenyh says


  13. Warkitz says

    Remember dating the wrong person even just once can fuck up your whole life.

  14. okokokokokokokokojok says


  15. BleakBlackVoid says

    Lisa left eye vibes strong with this one. I don’t want no scrubs.

  16. Debonaircorgi says

    Maybe I skipped through a part but… Did they call the police? The Fire Department? No lie, if they didnt I would sue them too. Like, thanks for helping me AFTER the entire place is lit up. Like when the first was small you shoulda ran inside and tried to help or something. I seriously woulda sued after seeing this lmfao.

  17. SatPixel says

    1. Why didnt they call the firefighters ealier? They saw the flames long before the outside startet burning right?
    2. I hope you give that footage to the cops.

  18. LifeExperienceIsFree says

    I kind of appreciate his commentary.

  19. Active_Flamingo9089 says

    I wonder if the guy filming called anyone. Because the house was fully in fire b4 anyone arrived to put it out. Guy behind the camera seems like garbage too.

  20. Son-of-the-Dragon says

    The dude taking this keeps saying “She’s just watching this happen” while doing nothing but watching it happen and recording it.

  21. Seaweed_Widef says

    I am glad I am single

  22. Conklin21 says

    “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.”

  23. aFiachra says

    Welcome to the 21st century.

    Everyone has their phone out. No one calls the fire department.

    Neighbors, amiright!?

  24. Beginning-Document-6 says

    Yes keep filming while not calling 911

  25. LarryTheDuckling says

    And all of this could have been avoided if the cameraman had just made a domestic disturbance call to the police at the start.

  26. eljefedavillian says

    She went to jail right?

  27. Neat_Light says

    Arson around where I live will get you heavy time.

  28. TheOriginalSpartak says

    Wonder if she ever took his name off that vehicle registration?

  29. Lulu2K13 says

    diy grill lmao

  30. moop250 says

    Hopefully that guy has insurance

  31. Splend0id says

    Waterboy vs firegirl

  32. Hlaucoin says

    Is that you left-eye? Too soon?

  33. The_Smurfiest says

    Am I the only one who hit the button on the battery notification?

  34. ghoulzzzzzz says

    Surely that’s a few years in jail. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

  35. DizzieC92 says

    Damn she was hot-headed, proper fiery temper.

  36. bmeezy1 says


  37. LayneCobain95 says

    I bet she’ll get like one month in jail

  38. Ken_LuxuryYacht says

    The defense lawyer wont be happy abt this vid

  39. RespectfulTod99 says

    “She’s just sitting there watching it go up in flames”… Camera man doin the exact same thing .. those 2 guys could have intervened when she lit the garbage can but decided to watch the house go up🧐🤦‍♂️

  40. Puzzled-Yam-14 says

    Why the fuck did op wait until the house was beyond saving to to alert people to get out? Why not call 911 when he saw the fire? I’m confused and curious.

  41. Vegasus88 says

    And he’s just sitting there, filming, watch the house go up in flames.

  42. TophatOwl_ says

    Did the guys that were recording it not call the fire department right away? Wtf?

  43. ennuiismymiddlename says

    I hope this video was used in trial against both the woman who started the fire and the idiot who filmed it for 3 minutes, laughing, knowing there were people still in the house.

  44. Nanooc523 says

    Dont bother calling the cops or FD. Just keep recording and say “oh….my….god” like a child.

  45. ZucchiniUsual7370 says

    Holy shit.

    Shooting video is easy. Pick your subject (trashy lady, fire etc) *and hold the FUCKING PHONE STEADY*.

  46. percysimple says

    These guys filing are idiots.

    Once that house goes up there’s risk to other houses. You’d have been wise to of over and restrain her and put it out at that point.

    She gonna jail either way so your safe.

  47. Aedrae says

    What about the guy who filmed and did absolutely nothing when he saw the fire start in the house…

  48. LostTank84 says

    *This just in! Idiot watched idiot burn house down. More at 11*

  49. mystical_elf says

    Wtf did the douchebag filming not call 911 in the beginning? He shares the blame on this one. Lol. I love all of the assholes downvoting the concept of doing the right thing.

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