1. Tender_Figs says

    The fuck?

  2. backpackwayne says

    This is miraculous! He admitted climate change exists.

  3. Der_Schwanengesang says

    Reading through the article I’m guessing it was probably some asshole way of going from “climate change doesn’t exist” to “there’s nothing we can do about it anyway” by sarcastically asking for something completely absurd.

  4. FuzzyWompus says

    Did he get this from the Recess movie? The villains in that movie were trying to move the moon to make it colder to end summer so there wouldn’t be summer vacation.

  5. MaladaptiveApes says

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just fly a giant ice cube into the ocean?

  6. GWSDiver says

    “Sure man, we grant you permission. What’s your “plan”?”

    *There aren’t enough crayons*

  7. Trashious says

    I feel like this article casts aspersions on his asparagus. This guy is just dumb and goofy af.

  8. UnidentifiedGloop says

    I think he obviously misunderstood the phrase that we need to move heaven and earth if we’re going to successfully fight climate change

  9. igner_farnsworth says

    We won’t properly fund the EPA… but we’re going to change the moon’s orbit?

  10. TranquilSeaOtter says

    I think he’s competing for the dumbest representative in Congress. He must have seen Greene make her “I don’t believe in evolution comment” and thought this was how he can one up her. If he actually believes his question is valid, how did such a dumb fuck get elected in the first place?

  11. LazyTriggerFinger says

    “Can we fix climate change without having to hold ourselves or rich people accountable?”

    No, no we can not.

  12. Bob_Loblaw007 says

    It’s daylight saving time that’s the problem. That extra hour of sunshine is killing us.

  13. stoictortise says

    Platinum stars to the Forest Service Rep/Bureau of Land Management – notice not NASA/or SpaceForce! or DARPA – who incredibly manages to keep a polite smile and response with – “I’d have to get back to you on that” – I have no idea how this professional woman managed to stop from dying laughing in response – That is Jedi level professional –

  14. jayfeather31 says


  15. I_might_be_weasel says

    Someone get Killface. The world needs the Annihilatrix.

  16. GlastonBerry48 says

    “Why don’t we just take the Earth, AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!?!?” – Louie Gohmert

  17. Devourer_of_Chaos says

    This is wrong on so many levels. I mean, he asked the U.S. Forest Service this question. Even in a fictional cartoon world where this might be possible, why ask the Forest Service?

    “Sir, this is the Forestry Service” is the new “Sir, this is a Wendy’s.”

  18. SeSuSo says

    Can the Jewish space lasers stop burning up the forests? That might help climate change. Also I’m Jewish so please no one let the Republicans know about our moon base.

  19. TheRealDrSarcasmo says

    Jesus, that’s just as dumb as Hank Johnson asking [if Guam would tip over](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hank-johnson-worries-guam-could-capsize-after-marine-buildup/).

    Absolutely indefensible. Astounding.

  20. Alceasummer says

    So there’s this guy, and the one who was worried that Guam could capsize, and lots of other deeply ignorant comments. Can we please require people to pass some kind of test before running for office. Prove they at least have enough understanding of science in general to not fail elementary school!

  21. Larnievc says

    How do people so dumb ever get to be in politics?

  22. _usernametoolong_ says

    He can’t possibly be this stupid!

  23. NoraGrooGroo says

    I mean at our current tech level the short answer is no and the long answer is fuck no.

  24. bosknickers13 says

    This was the solution in futurama.

  25. Orcus424 says

    There are a lot of stupid people who know they are stupid so they don’t ask this stuff publicly. He’s so stupid he doesn’t even know it. Those are the worst kind.

  26. pndrad says

    Technically not possible yet, but maybe one day. By dragging a large asteroids pass the moon at just the right angle over and over again the moon’s orbit could be changed, so could the Earth’s using the same method, but I don’t think it’s a good idea or solution.

    Instead investing in CO2 capture technology, equipping every building over a certain height with bladeless wind turbines, and planting more trees would be the best way forward.

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