1. badgerseattadpoles says

    Clearly never played minecraft

  2. MH3ndr1ks says

    Time for a lunch neckbreak

  3. Deercula says

    When I do demo work with a sledgehammer, I’m always barefoot!

  4. ZeraTM says

    He did a “smashing” job.

    Ba dum tss

  5. peazy456 says

    This honestly looked like an accident, but im not a builder so idk.

  6. The1nonlyno1 says

    Seemed a lil overkill…Just to prove a point 🤔

  7. RealReek says

    Suffering from success.

  8. labink says

    This happened to Santa Claus once.

  9. wild_stryke says

    Lag sucks

  10. tone63 says

    Is this in india?

  11. BiCostal says

    When you order your demolition crew from Wish.

  12. d0glif3 says

    OSHA would be proud

  13. binary_dinonaut says

    Plot twist: it’s reversed.

  14. RdudeDdude says

    Cheap labor. Gotta ‘hire’ 20 of these to get it done for free.

  15. revercry says

    This is the kind of “what could go wrong” where you can answer “well, you could succeed!”

  16. Mack501st says

    Harpreet has gone to Heaven….No, wait, that’s up…. oops 🔥🔥🔥

  17. AdikadiAdipen says

    Clearly meant to do that

  18. Mr_Bonker says

    How to die 101

  19. Ian-Dawson says

    Anihalation 100

  20. libtearsrdelish says

    He put all his weight behind it! Or I should say on it.

  21. 7676ersFann says

    EDP445’s career

  22. srv50 says

    Didn’t know his own strength!

  23. theRobomonster says

    And this is why you wear a condom.

  24. Sevla7 says

    I’m just amazed by how there’s literally nothing holding that beam in place which was the reason why the ‘floor’ collapsed…

    Oh wait! He was actually trying to remove that beam? He kinda failed successfully.

  25. Peter_55 says

    Getting the last brick and the damn sledgehammer follows you down.

  26. eznok says

    Poor roof.

  27. Jeddicus7 says


  28. Uncle_BennyS says

    Ah so the fast and the furious didn’t lie to me

  29. deskrod says


  30. mizark1 says

    To infinity & beyond!!

  31. Ghoolio_ says

    Sent himself to the shadow realm.

  32. SynthPrax says

    OK, Bhima. Think before you swing next time.

  33. jebstan says

    On my next trick I will make this man disappear

  34. RadleyCunningham says

    He’s gonna be Thor in the morning

  35. Gildenstern45 says

    Look at the bright side, you got rid of about 30 square feet of concrete with one hit.

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