1. quattroformaggixfour says

    What a superb little ferocious baby with a superb long tail!

  2. Stellaaaaa says

    Does he have little gray frosted tips!? That’s going to be so amazing in a few months! I mean, it is now as well but that’s going to grow out magnificently.

  3. Annia12345 says

    Ears for days! Sweet little baby!

  4. Cuban_b13 says


  5. sierraj1923 says

    Those murder mittens at the beginning 😍

  6. Unidentifiedten says

    If that tail is anything to go on, he’s going to be a big boy! He’s gorgeous. I hope that you have many happy, healthy years together.

  7. kingpin-mrgamer says

    Good squeaker keep up the hooman

  8. maimou1 says

    I wanna play and be cute, mamma! isn’t that enough??? sheesh.

  9. endertribe says

    you missed the opportunity to make him say “conquer the world” at the question what are you going to do today

  10. panic_bread says

    He’s one day old?

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