1. DaughterofDeath2002 says

    Ayanami is sooooo cuuuute 💜💜💜💜

  2. thataltdude says

    This makes me really sad. Maybe in another life…

  3. SerendipityNinetyOne says

    Where’re my boys Toji and Kensuke

  4. GaySpaceAngel says
  5. Phantom_Atomsk says

    Pog Mari

  6. oatmilk0304 says

    In a better timeline

  7. JerichoRomulus says

    This is literally the only time I’ve ever seen fan art where Mari interacts with the girls in a positive way without making them uncomfortable or annoyed.

  8. RafflesiaArnoldii says

    i love this

  9. lovbl_losr says

    They graduated! Congratulations

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