1. DrLongSchlongius says

    Giving “power nap” a whole new meaning

  2. anarchyarcanine says

    Meanwhile as a kid I told my mother I wanted to be a pianist and she thought I said penis and had a big ol’ laugh about it with my grandmother

    Are my aspirations a joke to you, Debby?

  3. PrimaryArugula1 says

    I swear I’ve read something where a jokey accusation like this leads to an actual confession

  4. Subject_Journalist says

    Plot twist, grandma stopped the car to nap.

  5. strwrsnerdbutbetter says

    I dont get this

  6. 10minutemisconduct says

    I told my kindergarten class that my grandma was a hooker. She would crochet afghans and called her needles hooks. Therefore, hooker.

  7. quantummidget says

    My version of this isn’t quite as innocent, but when I was about 12 I told my friends that my brother just masturbated around the house, cause I didn’t understand what masturbation was and he’d always scratch his balls everywhere. Whoops

  8. AD--MORTEM says

    😅 when I was first being taught about drugs and alcohol at school they clearly explained that cigarettes are drugs. Shortly after that my older brother was caught smoking and got in a lot of trouble. When my grandma came over she asked me why my brother was in trouble and I matter of factly told her he was caught doing drugs. She pressed a little deeper and eventually found out it was cigarettes, and tried to explain why I should not tell people he was doing drugs but I was adamant. I had just learned about it in school and it was as bad as any other drug! She smoked too btw lol

  9. SuicidalNomad says

    That’s nothing. In middle school, I’d still take naps with my mom because I was sheltered as fuck. I was at lunch, my buddy Greg was talking about “I’m gonna sleep with your mom, bro” or some shit. I perk up and say “I sleep with *my* mom…” Wondering what the big deal was.

  10. simon_C says

    Why did adults always assume kids knew what the hell they were saying?

  11. Farranor says

    To be fair, that’s some incredibly good cognitive and communicative ability at 0.9333 years old.

  12. djdossia says

    Plot twist: grandma stopped the car because grandpa in the backseat wasn’t sleeping 🙁 rip

  13. DankrudeSandstorm says

    *“When I was like 14/15, I randomly said my grandpa sleeps around and my grandma stopped the car. I explained he can take a nap literally anywhere, not knowing the double meaning behind what I said”*

    That is a more clear way of what this tweet was trying to say to anyone confused.

  14. Haas69 says

    Granma getting turned out on the low on the side like come on you know what’s up what game this is

  15. ctkkay says

    I hate to say I did something similar. In grade 1 I said I sleep with my older brother(4 years older) sometimes, (he had the tv in his room so a sleep over to watch early morning cartoons was something we did on occasion), only to be taken aside by my teacher who asked if everything was okay in my home and if it’s true I sleep with my brother. Very embarrassing at the time as I didn’t realize what it meant, and embarrassing to this day when I think about it.

  16. X-blades says

    For anybody saying it. I wasn’t sheltered and I def didn’t know this saying till much later. Pretty common so get your head out of your self absorbed butt

  17. zanyboi2 says


  18. Iamthemeltingpot says

    “Grandma stops the car”

    Yeah, never a good sign. The scariest my grandma got was when she stopped the car and told us to get out. Although to be fair my sister and I were acting like brats

  19. ReadingFromTheShittr says

    Back in elementary school I was talking to my music teacher and was trying to express how another teacher was pretty busy, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t put it in the right words. Like, “Ms. So and so is really busy.”

    I ended up saying she was “stuck up.”

  20. NoliteTimere says

    I told my teacher that my dad would drink and drive because of I witnessed him polish off a coca cola once or twice while driving.

  21. Person31905 says

    Reminds me of the time i was like 8 or 9 in the car with my aunt and what i meant was my mom is scary, but what i wanted to say was “my moms a horror” and what came out was “my moms a whore”

  22. pmcd_com says

    Tonight will be a perfect Grandpa

  23. a22e says

    What kind of sheltered teenager doesn’t know the phrase “sleeping around”?

  24. 666antichrist says


  25. MichaelMyersFanClub says


  26. Oh-Sasa-Lele says

    I just don’t get what they mean

  27. IamBatmanuell says

    GC needs to learn punctuation.

  28. jakethedumbmistake says

    Nah, he probably sleeps in until 9am! /s

  29. lyokowarrior_15 says

    A fellow smart-ass i see

  30. hjtp says

    The hiding (ass-whooping) of your life over a misunderstanding 😅

  31. hell_heat says

    Kids say the darnest things

  32. Groinificator says

    Took me a second

  33. TonyClifton2020 says

    This reminded me of when I was in 5th grade I called a girl I liked a horror as in horror because I was into Freddy Kruger and thought that was a good insult. Mr. Wripple heard it and grabbed me by the arm and took me outside and read me the riot act and I had no idea what he was talking about…

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