1. illa-noise says

    As a teacher, when my 6th graders look at historical photos we always try to find a kid in our school that looks like that person. I’ve found this helps to impress people are people across time and aren’t locked into an era. I think some of my boys have found some attractive women and the girls have found some good.looking dudes. I think it also helps to see that wrinkly old lady as full of life at one time and youthful.

  2. OtterKing0720 says

    Your great grandmother has beautiful eyes.

  3. view-master says

    These always make me laugh because all my ancestors look like cartoon hillbillies.

  4. demcrumblies says

    Reminds me of Ana de Armas

  5. w1av says

    Movie star quality…very beautiful

  6. NorthEastNobility says

    Wow, this looks so modern, like a recent picture with a black and white filter. She has timeless beauty.

  7. AudaciousSam says

    Are you a model too?

  8. WordsOrDie says

    Why this look like queen Susan of Narnia

  9. Cheifblackfeet says

    Yo, your great grandma can get it

  10. budgie0507 says


  11. anarchy_ian_666 says

    Wow those eyes….

  12. grandpa74 says


  13. TimelyBreadfruit6610 says

    So pretty! A photo to treasure forever 💖

  14. AnalEvacuation88 says

    You had a really hot great grandma.

  15. EmptyNester02 says

    She’s absolutely stunningly beautiful

  16. winetotears says

    Not trying to be weird at all… Your GG was gorgeous and her eyes look like they see straight through my bullshit. Thanks for sharing.

  17. BadGalKylie says

    Natural beauty!

  18. kathy11358 says


  19. ANONZMAN says

    Beautiful 😀

  20. _haha_oh_wow_ says

    Kinda want to go back in time and become your grandpa.

  21. MusclecarYearbook says

    Looks contemporary.

  22. ljikenobi says

    That natural beauty

  23. kaileeia says

    She was absolutely beautiful. Not sure why, but there is something so familiar about her!

  24. MojoDuff27 says

    Shes a stunner! She could be a model from today and blend right in.

  25. ljapa says

    You had a striking great grandmother, and if your post hadn’t included the phrase “great grandmother,” I’d be commenting on that appearance, if I even bothered to comment.

    Instead, I’m sitting here thinking, “Jesus! I’m fucking old!”

    My grandmothers were about twice your great grandmother’s age in the 40’s. So, here I am, trying to do the math on someone a generation and a half behind me and posting on Reddit, and I realize that “Get off my lawn you kids!” isn’t even an appropriate response because you probably aren’t a kid.

    Thanks for the existential crisis.

    I hope she’s had a rewarding life and thank you for sharing such this stunning picture that lead me into much deeper thoughts of my own ancestors and my own mortality.

  26. searchingtofind25 says

    She single?

  27. 5552020 says

    Looks like Scarlet Johansson.. of rather SJ looks like her.

  28. enjoy_erik says

    Ana d’Armas vibes

  29. 7thAve says


  30. Writer10 says

    Reminds me of Billie Eilish. What a beautiful grandma!

  31. huwwho says

    Florence Pugh

  32. personwriter says

    Woah, she sort of looks like my mother!

  33. ChezzzyBoo says

    Billie eilish ?

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