1. CompetitiveSong9570 says

    But does the work get done? We don’t need to work 8-12 hour days to get shit done. Fuck these companies.

  2. loriba1timore says

    Bro if I’m doing my job well, why do you care?

  3. Foolishoe says

    Productivity at an all time high

  4. ChocolatesaurusRex says

    Who is out here snitching?

  5. xenon129 says

    It’s amusing to me that productivity actually increases when people work from home, yet companies don’t like it. Even the fucking corporations are bad at Capitalism.

  6. seinman says

    Y’all say that like I didn’t do those things working on-site.

  7. Firethorn101 says

    That’s a weird way of saying they’re working us too many hours.

  8. DeniDemolish says

    Study paid for by the **Micro-Managing CEOs of America Coalition™**

  9. SmileyMcCancer says

    “Studies show getting the job done isn’t enough for corporations”

    I don’t see a point there 😅

  10. mpm206 says

    > company time

    Fuck off, I’m salaried, only time that’s company time is time I’m actively working on company work.

  11. itsdangeroustakethis says

    Yah. There are better uses of my break time than staring at my phone in a bathroom stall.

  12. areviderci_hans says

    And still getting their chores done right? Where’s the fucking problem

  13. Thunder_nuggets101 says

    Boss makes a dollar while I make a dime. That’s why I eat ass on company time.

  14. Master_Motherfucker says

    “Company time” is the problem. You should be giving me a list of objectives you’re paying me to complete. Once they’re done, why would I give any more of my time to you? If you’re worried that I’m going to rush them, that worry is your problem until I actually do, then you’re free to fire me and hire someone else.

  15. WillyM35 says

    And still getting their work done…

  16. ComprehensiveHavoc says

    Oh Forbes, looking out for those corporate REITs. You twats.

  17. LokiTheTrickstr says

    If the work wasn’t being done it’s like ok people are getting paid to fuck off all day but productivity is higher than ever so what I’m really hearing is that the bosses who do this kinda shit pre pandemic are mad that the average worker is doing the same shit, the difference is that we matter while middle management is absolutely unnecessary and a should be phased out for good.

  18. TheGent316 says

    Good for those people taking back some of the valuable time they’ve been forced to sacrifice on the altar of capital.

  19. Bathroom-Afraid says

    Can confirm. Am also getting my damn job done in record time because I’m not distracted by my hellish 2 hour commute, schlepping my food and gym clothes every day and getting up hours before I start.

    Remarkably, it’s all pretty sweet if you can get up 30 minutes before, be left alone to work, cook your own meals, take breaks on your own terms and get about 6 hours of your own time back every day.

    All of this contributes to a better sex life and a convenient nap schedule (one leads to the other lol).

  20. BryanDuboisGilbert says

    hey assholes who answer these things truthfully and who may be reading this: when approached for such survey always say you are 1000% focused, doing best work of your life and never take a second for anything non work related!

  21. Aggravating_Egg_652 says

    I’ll point out these are all good activities to do on company time if you’re still working in the office or storefront

  22. ChrisPTY507 says

    This is actually cool. There’s more in life than just work and giving out the best years of your life to a company that doesn’t even care about you

  23. JustHereForGiner says

    Good. And productivity is climbing

  24. bugspray666 says

    Lol if the works getting done then who gives a fuck? These people need to stop thinking they own everyone .

  25. Matcin2531 says

    And all these comments prove that corps are asshole, cry babies. Come back and be miserable.

  26. holy_sweet_jesus says

    Here’s an idea, pay me for the work I do not how long I spend working. If I can get the job done in 4 hrs and want to spend the rest of my time fucking and watching Netflix who gets hurt?

  27. happydizzy says

    The nerve!

  28. HungryAccount1704 says

    Yup and my wife and my relationship has never been better.

  29. BecauseTheyAreCunts says

    Side hustle code for selling drugs?

  30. reverie_beats says

    Good. Burn corporate America to the ground pls.

  31. Neo_Pagan says

    at the end of the day who cares so long as the work gets done.

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