1. noperope4u says

    Those look like pantry moths. The food does not have to be expired to have them just infested!!!

  2. MeowMeow33 says

    How are they getting into sealed containers?

  3. Reverend_Niehlis says

    Violently shake it.
    Make them regret everything.

  4. koscheiskowska says

    Something like this happened to my family. My mother bought a bag of peeled walnuts and almonds, and then we put the nuts in a jar, and the almonds in another. A month or so later, we had eaten all the almonds, but there where some nuts left. Flashforward a few weeks later, we never touched those walnuts again, and a lot of little fellas started appearing inside of the jar.

  5. kalel701 says

    This is actually way more normal than anyone thinks. I work in the food industry and these grain moths can get in everything and are hard to control. They love nuts, grains, beans, rice, snacks,dried fruit, flour, and so much more. The larvae are even worse

  6. authorized_sausage says

    I had this happen to a jar of peanut butter powder. It had gone through a couple generations in there before I discovered it and it was full of live and dead bugs. Of course, I did not open it.

  7. UserNameSnapsInTwo says

    Indianmeal moths! Those fuckers invaded my house and got into EVERYTHING in my pantry. They ate through a cardboard tube to get to my matzo meal. They also lay eggs in your clothes, so I had to clean out all my cabinets as well. They spin webs on the ceiling and fly in your face. They are not smart creatures, but they are strong and prolific. I still see a few of them when I go home. Gnarly creatures.

  8. IPUDUQ666 says

    Even better

  9. patricky6 says

    Those are “Freshness enhancers”. You can tell by the seal around the lid being unbroken.

  10. MuppzterX says


  11. YouMakeMeDrink says

    I mostly hate how the container is only like half full, that’s some bullshit.

  12. Mizango says

    Truthfully, they’re in all nuts. Ever eat shelled nuts, especially pistachios and peanuts, and you get that “nutty” burnt hint? 🙂

    Same with romaine lettuce. Leave some out on your counter, still in the bag and watch it come alive. Yes, even if you wash it, many eggs and larvae are very tiny and stick to the leaves.

    Nature ain’t no bitch. It’s smart enough and has had millions of years of trial and error to know what water can do to eggs.

    We all eat this every day. Free protein! Enjoy.

  13. TreeChangeMe says

    Give it to the kids as a gift. A little bug bowl

  14. MissAustralianBi says

    extra protien 🥰

  15. sriracha_Salad says

    Dude you got pistachios ruining your snack- thats disgusting.

  16. Jerm316 says

    Free protein

  17. Superbead says

    A student of the MikesElectricStuff school of ‘not holding stuff still under a zoomed camera’.

  18. nicename45 says

    Oh no, not deez nuts

  19. kinkbob-roundshorts says

    Now who put nuts in my live bug snack 😡

  20. pepsi_Man909 says

    Farm fresh

  21. Stoicdadman says

    Aww, nuts

  22. BEEEEEZ101 says

    If you’re on a Keto diet protein is protein.

  23. Reznovan says

    Time to make a sundae.

  24. AlaskanSamsquanch says

    Are those Meal moths? I hate those fuckers.

  25. Hybrid351 says

    Once, when I was a cashier at a supermarket, I scanned a bag of potatoes. But as it passed in front of me, I noticed that I could really *smell* the potatoes, through the bag. They usually don’t smell like that until you peel them or cut them open. So I looked down, and noticed there were lots of maggots or some other kind larva crawling over and eating the potatoes. I’ve at least got the stomach for that, but still pretty gross to find it at the store. Glad I caught it in time.

  26. nekomaeg says

    Insert overused joke that nobody finds funny anymore here please:

    “But it’s extra protein haha”

  27. kasak730 says

    Probably cultivating flies for petfood.

    Edit: this is in a grocery store. Expired food with flys!

  28. ekz255 says

    Well at least they know what’s good.

  29. XspeedyreadzX says

    That’s nuts

  30. KansasVenomoth says

    Neat, extra protein!

  31. Jgaitan82 says

    Extra protein and all natural

  32. -PinkPower- says

    Question, why is it half empty?

  33. deangeloyouknow says

    It’s alright just wash em off they’ll be as good as new.

  34. Sof04 says

    That’s some extra protein!

  35. Johannes_V says

    Eat the bugs to assert dominance.

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