1. Buttcavetroll says

    Her : it just a phase

    Her daughter : no, you don’t understand me!

    Her : *show her daughter this picture*

  2. zibbbidi says

    How growing old enough is next level?

  3. Graeme-Stevens-50 says

    I met my girlfriend, who is now my wife, when I was 16. I’m now 50. It’s pretty cool but it ain’t “next fucking level”…the trick is to make sure you don’t hate each other on the same day!

  4. stowaway36 says

    What are calling next level here. NFL hair? NFL love? NFL a relationship? NFL style? OP if you’re gonna steal someone’s post at least go post it somewhere it belongs

  5. toomanychick3ns says

    I know the man in the pic. Sorry to burst bubbles but they’re posed together for the re staging of the photo years later
    This is not a couple that grew old together. Nice guy though.

  6. DGRJ_4_Life says

    Got older. Wow… Next fucking level!

  7. the_mycicle says

    people age r/nextfuckinglevel r/BeAmazed r/woahdude r/interestingasfuck

  8. greedycow776 says

    There’s a man that didn’t spend his youth looking for the next piece of tail. This is how it should be.

  9. B4sse77 says

    a couple stayed togheter for 30 years? that’s so fucking next level wowwww

  10. newportred100s says

    How is it that so many dumb posts get so many upvotes lmao, like why the hell is this posted here

  11. spamaccount12345678 says

    This shit is soooo seriously next level….
    Just look at them, they’re older!

  12. Hrafnesi says

    Why is this on nextfuckinglevel?

  13. GyreNGimbleNDaWabe says

    I bet these guys have some stories

  14. RandomNinjaPersonMan says

    I’m not shitting all over the couple, but I truly don’t understand what is “Nextfuckinglevel” about this.

  15. Tanks4TheMamaries says

    I’d really love to believe this but who are they OP? Do you know them or is it some random pic you found?

  16. fishbethany says

    Absolutely beautiful, and nothing beyond that. Live life to the fullest.

  17. plolops says

    Are y’all siblings lol

  18. ts1200237 says


  19. FuckfaceCharlie3 says

    My God how the strong has fallen

  20. alparius says
  21. dick-nipples says

    They both lost their chin dimples

  22. yamaguchi20 says

    You conformers

  23. Lancelot4Camelot says

    These people look east german, I dont know how I know but I feel like they are

  24. eist5579 says

    And now he’s a lawyer in SLC

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