1. ZootAluresCommonAxe says

    Another award winning caption!

  2. Thiccpepe69 says

    Fatty ma

  3. ilboabno says

    No pussy for you

  4. dabiird says

    From wheelie to wheelchair

  5. foresight310 says

    I witnessed some couple on their honeymoon do similar because hubby was sure he could ride a scooter. She ended up with a compound fracture instead, bone popping out of her leg.

  6. Frankie-bag-a-donuts says


  7. WhotTyler says

    Crash but no crash helmet.

  8. Air_Hellair says

    Eww looks like that lady’s right leg got scraped pretty bad

  9. Big_Classic_2149 says

    Who put that pole there 🤣🤣

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