1. Nicktastic6 says

    “Wanna come back to my place”

  2. waterandteaforme says

    That cameraman is a real fucking rat, provoking and talking shit but when his buddy gets hit he’s as quiet as a mouse.

  3. noreasternarms says

    Why so serious?

  4. chad_ says

    The sad thing is that the douche probably didn’t learn anything. (even if he had, it looks like he’d probably have trouble remembering it haha)

  5. deekaph says

    “he got aggressive and fucking socked you.”


  6. taboosie says

    Step 1) Smack someone in the face with a slice of pizza

    Step 2) Insult them and use homophobic slurs

    Step 3) Let your guard down

    Step 4) Get fucking wrecked

    Step 5) Cry

  7. OMG2Reddit says

    The pizza slap was bad but whats worse was the attitude they took with insulting the guy “yea keep looking at us””calm down buddy”.

    You cant feel bad for the guy getting punched

  8. Revolutionary-Dig705 says

    So at the end of that, did the POSs friend try to pick up one of the women from the other guys group? lol 🤣🤣

  9. sbsbkc says

    Why does the guy who got knocked out look so surprised?…. did he think he could smack someone in the face with a pizza slice and have no consequences… fucking dumbass..

  10. Swane- says

    I dont know what dude thought would happen to him after slapping someone w/ a slice of pizza

  11. Tleach17 says

    dude had some good follow through with that punch.

  12. InOChemN3rd says

    The pure entitlement of provoking a guy by putting a greasy pizza in a guy’s face, calling him a slur, and saying “Take it easy boys, calm down,” is unbelievable. Just a level of entitlement that he’s going to do it just because he thinks he can get away with it. That was a damn good punch he got, and judging by his demeanor, it was a long time coming.

  13. Plastic_Idol says

    Fair play

  14. EMEYDI says

    I don’t feel bad for him

  15. TreeWalrus says

    Not so funny now huh ?

  16. I_Chose_Nachos says

    That dude can throw a punch

  17. the_notorious_tig says

    *steal his watch!*

  18. RiseofdaOatmeal says

    Classic shithead archetype:

    -When confronted for being a dickhead he resorts to defensively calling the victim a “f****t”

    -His friend recording is just as much of a dumbass laughing and playing along with the ‘joke’

    -Acts like it was supposed to be a harmless prank but escalates it by mocking the guy he slapped, still thinks it was just a joke.

    Kinda confused why everyone jumped to console him and cater to his fuckheadedness.

  19. thabiiighomie says

    Even his friends don’t react. All roach people.

  20. girthygirl says

    “He got aggressive and socked you”

    Bruh what the fuck smacking someone in the face is aggressive af.

  21. Skweebie says

    The audacity to do that and then just SIT DOWN IN THE BOOTH LIKE CATCHING A BEATING WASNT ON THE TABLE.

  22. Classyclassiccunt says

    I’ve never seen a video capture so little of its main event while simultaneously having everything happen within the frame of the camera. Bewildering camera work.

  23. noreasternarms says

    Well done, Mr Slap’ee! Trevor totally deserved to get knocked the fuck out!


  24. Dazed2day says

    Gunna be harder to eat that pizza now

  25. digitalggs says

    I thinks that’s his tooth bouncing on the table heard right after he decks him.

  26. KrooKedRooK92 says

    Blood for sauce.

  27. Slabb84 says

    That was a solid fucking punch though.

  28. 4giveness_PerMission says

    r/killthecameraman literally..

  29. kcg5 says

    I will never not upvote this. Pizza guy is such an asshole

  30. BrudaBru says

    Fuck pizza guy

  31. TheDustOfMen says

    Aka the story of how a prankster plays stupid games and wins stupid prizes while his friend tries his luck at the most opportune time and gets unsurprisingly turned down.

  32. Chicken_Burp says

    This idiot deserves what came to him.

  33. SomethingPlusNothing says

    Somebody liquidize that pizza for him

  34. MT10inMA says


  35. rockfordtj says

    Bet he never slapped anyone with some pizza again lol.

  36. baqarrabaq says

    Alot of these freakouts seem like reasonable reactions

  37. cdnstevo69 says

    When you slap someone without provocation and with a pizza on top of it and then turn your back on him…. you lived a life without consequences….. until today.

  38. CoffeeAddict1011 says

    That mean left put him out lol

  39. Rambut_Halus68 says

    Yeah, slap a guy with pizza then turn your back on him, right fucken smart that is.

  40. Domesticated_Hobbit says

    Class A+ virgin shits, the first guy expecting no retaliation, and somehow being above everyone else, and the second guy, slurring like rain, and keep’s trying to get the girl to his “Apartment” cringe AF. bunch a fucking losers, honestly he should have smacked the guy with the camera too.

  41. Aggressive_Exit_9436 says

    This is from 2014 in Canada if I remember correctly, the guy who get slapped with a slice of pizza was just in line waiting for his turn to order something with a group of his friends. The two guys in the booth were recording it (so they had planned to do it to someone).

    Dude fakes a hand shake and man the other dude was so damn polite he even smiles and accepts the hand before getting hit. He was being talked down by one of his friends but the guy kept hurling insults until he keeps knocked out. So the girl you see at the end is a part of the dude who threw the punch’s friends group and she stays behind offering to help get him back somewhere safe.

    K.O’ed dude’s friend then tries to pick to hit on her which was probably the whole reason they pulled this stunt. They were jealous of of the women he had with them and wanted to try to show off and talk down to him.

    No charges came of it and no one got arrested.

  42. tattooedtechie says

    I have no sympathy for that instigator at all. He deserved what he received.

  43. X-GonnaLendItToYa says

    That noise when it connects.
    Fucking *mwah*

  44. geekmasterflash says

    Ah, the mythical “Finding out.”

  45. hajagha420 says

    Fucking cunts had it coming, his buddy needed a taste too.

  46. ramza5850 says

    Seen it a million times and i still love it. That was a real punch as well not some weak shot. Fully deserved. He thought he could do that and laugh about it lol? Whos laughing now.

  47. theKFP says

    That was a solid left, don’t eff with a southpaw because that thing’ll come out of nowhere!

  48. derpferd says

    Why are there people acting concerned for this dumb motherfucker?

    He was dumb, he slapped someone unnecessarily, and he got punched for that.

    Tell you what, he’s going to take a moment to think before acting the fucking prick again.

    Did him a favour punching hin

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