1. TheHumanPickleRick says

    When you look at it like that, aren’t ALL holidays made up?

  2. dagnariuss says

    They were listing things that did not come from within.

  3. coral_reef_ says

    Apparently you can only be happy if none of your parents or grandparents die. I’ll stop being happy now!

  4. ThereAreNoDeadMemes says

    I had a stroke reading this

  5. checkmeonmyspace says

    And then her privilege clapped

  6. KaioBlizz says

    Sounds like mommy doesn’t get flowers from daddy on Valentine’s day and is trying to cope those nights he sleeps away on business trips

  7. i_like_it_raw_ says

    Ah, the “suberbs”…

    Fucking idiot.

  8. innofillomen says

    Women’s History month is March I think

  9. Lady_Leaf says

    Wait, I’m confused. Why does being white, the martial, family martial, and finances have to do with celebrating pride month? Everyone can celebrate pride month. Though there are some parts of it I wouldn’t involve a small child in, there is no reason they can’t be proud and support the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

  10. i_wish_i_was_bread says

    The mom kinda read as pro-pride at first but somewhere near the end it kinda lost me, it kinda seemed to me like she was saying they had privilege and have no reason to fight for pride which is why her daughter doesn’t have a pride month, but then the entire post together is a shit show. Lgbt people can have a great supportive family, live in the suburbs and not endure a tragic life and they’re still valid, I kinda hate the implication that being lgbt is a by-product of anything, We’ve been lgbt our whole lives, some of us were just in denial or hid it because of our fears of how others would judge us.

  11. Neil_sm says

    Ffs when a kid asks why there’s a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but no Children’s day, the correct answer is “because every day is Children’s Day.”

    You can reuse this for the above question without needing all the extra cringe. Also works on adults who ask why there’s no White Entertainment Television Channel. (Alternative answer: “check out CMT”)

  12. CptMatt_theTrashCat says

    ‘As a white girl…you should be proud’ very subtle

  13. Gaywhorzea says

    Love the attempt at invalidating pride with a fake story 👏🏼

  14. IncontinentEyes says

    I am a white woman, with 2 hetero parents who are married with steady jobs and have only just lost 1 of my 4 grandparents, who are/were all married.

    I’m still a lesbian and my parents celebrate pride month also despite both being married, hetero and have steady jobs living in the ‘burbs.

    Ethnicity, marriage status, number of living grandparents and income now determine whether or not you celebrate pride month?

  15. lukasgramhansen says

    I can’t be the only one who sees the ‘rest in peace in peace’

  16. chaotoroboto says

    Nothing reminds me that happiness comes from within like listing my circumstancial privileges

  17. SwiftWithIt says

    Well not shit it was. It wasn’t found in fucking nature.

  18. PizzaReheat says


  19. snackqueen69 says

    Sounds like someone’s a miserable little housewife.

  20. KongKev says

    What is with this leap in logic like what? Sounds like shes pretty fortunate and good lesson happiness should come from within and then where does this attack on Valentine’s day come from?

  21. TheShredder23 says

    Guess St. Valentine didn’t exist 🤷‍♂️

  22. lead-holder says

    Is this for or against pride month?

  23. juan323thelicker says

    I wouldn’t care if she were just giving her opinion about the pride month but damn, It really pisses me off when someone is not brave enough to say what they think and have to make this shit up

  24. TopcodeOriginal1 says

    Just like months are made up, and so are hours and even that social media platform you are on.

  25. AnxiousHumanBeing says

    Yes, congreatulations, like every other holidays and even the concept of days, months and years itself, valentine’s day and pride month are indeed, made up. As well as the concept of marriage. And stable finances.

  26. Cribsmen says

    Are they trying to say that she can’t be gay because her environment is “normal”? Is she trying to say that gay people only derive happiness from pride month? I’m so confused what her point is, holidays are bad? So surely she’d be on board if people called off Mothers Day, right?

  27. flamedarkfire says

    Valentine’s Day was made up by Hallmark to sell more greeting cards.

  28. Three-Of-Seven says

    Weird flex, but ok

  29. mrsrobinson82 says

    da fuq?

  30. MisterJiki says

    In about 25 years she’ll be the target demographic for asking to speak to the manager.

  31. MimsyIsGianna says

    Technically EVERY holiday or event is made up…

  32. blood_wraith says

    while i assume this story is bs, pride month *is* made up like valentines day

  33. nodote135 says

    This made up daughter has become self aware and rejected our societal fetters, smearing our holidays with claims that they are made up!

  34. Squishy-Box says

    well yeah but all holidays and events are made up

  35. MagicalMuffinDruide says

    Valentines actually was made up as a holiday, but of course there was also the dude who was real lol. But the holiday isn’t really celebrating him

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