1. Dirt_E_Harry says

    Congratulations on your newly acquired pest control system.

  2. Problycool says

    Had one of these in a Christmas tree my now ex-wife and I brought home from a tree farm… Think I counted up to 32 of them, in our trailer we were living in.

  3. svtcq says

    Years ago at work we had a Preying Mantis find its way in the building. We named him Manny. We moved Manny to the window and would catch flies to feed him, he stayed there for months. Then more towards the end of the summer another one came in, we named her (?) Manny II, so we put that one in the window with Manny. They eventually mated and one of them laid eggs.

    Maybe around November-ish Manny passed on. Manny II may have left at some point, I forget. We made a casket out of cardboard and buried him in a patch of grass. RIP Manny.

    We moved the eggs inside of an aquarium and come springtime they hatched and we had 100s of the things. We took the top off the aquarium and let all the babies loose right by Manny’s grave.


    edit: Is the term I’m looking for a terrarium? There was no water in the in the vessel we used to contain the eggs.

    I found this picture of Manny eating a grasshopper. It looks like we did have a little environment set up for him with grass and dirt [Manny](https://imgur.com/NUmrfe7)

    To every saying the female eats the male after mating – We were partial to Manny since he was the original. He was the male. We were in the building when they mated and when it was over, or when we thought it was probably over, we separated them.

  4. mmmmyaaaa says

    Once they find out what happened to their dad, its gonna get awkward.

  5. Frantic_Mantid says


    FYI: It’s not really a nest so much as a packet of eggs, squeezed out as a foam that hardens. Got a fun name too: ootheca.


  6. misterperiodtee says

    Let the Battle Royale begin!!

    They’re going to eat each other until one remains or others flee. Mantises are savage.

  7. joe_el_camino says

    Per pound and size, the most vicious beings. Imho

  8. Truckerontherun says

    I’ve always thought a nest of praying mantis should be called a monastery

  9. Nomis2077 says

    Whoa! I’ve never seen anything like this with Prayng Mantis… mantees? Idk. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Kingwadesky says

    Thanks, I hate it.

  11. Mrmaus1006 says

    It’s like a church service!

  12. finalfiasco says

    I had this happen with a Christmas tree. Those babies thought it was spring in my apartment. That was not a fun mess to clean up.

  13. rdennish says

    Wtf. How are those things not taking over the planet!

  14. windwalker28 says


  15. Chardradio says

    Whole congregation is here

  16. becelav says

    I has two babies on my [mailbox](https://i.imgur.com/ASnFVpo.jpg) yesterday

    EDIT: can someone explain why these are out so small? The ones in OP are big, and they just left the nest

  17. i_wap_to_warcraft says

    Oooh I love this! Such interesting insects and wonderful for your garden! They also find earwigs (pincher bugs) to be a delectable treat, so useful of ridding your property of those pesky buggers.

    When I was a child I raised praying mantises, and part of raising them involved ordering hundreds of frozen superworms or silkworms. They were sent alive, but being frozen kept them in some sort of cryonic sleep. Anyway, one time a shipment arrived and I put them in the fridge instead of the freezer being a mindless 8 or 9 year old. They woke and invaded the fridge. I mean EVERYWHERE. My mom was so pissed at me I’m pretty sure that was the end of my praying mantis raising days.

  18. MerryGoldenYear says

    I’m torn between “aaaaww” and “oh god burn it”

  19. wangowezz says

    That egg casing looks like it has a face. These babies just burst out of a torso of a shrunken human

  20. HoneyBadgerninja says

    Guess I’ll do it.

    At least we know somebody there is getting laid……

  21. ilpadrino113 says

    You lucky bastard. I buy preying (/s) mantis sacks 2-3 times a year to keep the garden bugs under control.

    If they run out of prey they’ll kill each other until there’s only one left.

  22. Shaking_Sniper says

    More like mildyterrifying

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