1. stnrawabuntu says

    So happy his career is taking off. He was great in Buster Scruggs and The Devil All The Time.

  2. lumberjake1 says

    That’s a lot of names in one title.

  3. zingsanpeps says

    He is rising and rising. Deserves it so much.

  4. SamuraiJackBauer says

    Great casting.

    He can really sell prose.

  5. Eurymedion says

    I wonder if it’s going to be a “story within a story” partial adaptation of the Tell-Tale Heart? The film title seems to be reference.

  6. shaneo632 says

    I thought he was absolutely horribly miscast in The Old Guard but everything else I’ve seen him in he’s been really good. Especially The Queen’s Gambit.

  7. Cyynric says

    Here’s hoping it’s an actual film about Poe, instead of that weird ass movie we got a few years ago with Jonathan Cusak.

  8. shaoting says

    Harry Melling and Anya Taylor-Joy could eskimo kiss and never see eye-to-eye.

  9. sabariesanp says

    He was my favourite actor in the Queen’s Gambit, build up was him being a tool to 180ing and helping her game in Russia. “Hi Beth” such an amazing scene.

  10. jak_d_ripr says

    Holy crap that’s Dudley? He’s lost like 20 pounds, I had to google him to figure out who he played.

  11. ccbuddyrider says

    if you were to average the distance between the eyes of Harry Melling and Anya Taylor-Joy you’d end up with a regular looking person

  12. RelaxYourself says

    I really liked the guy who played Poe in Altered Carbon, but this is certainly welcome casting. Really enjoy watching Harry Welling’s career take off.

  13. AggravatingZone7 says

    Great choice! I was thinking it would be Chalamet but this is great casting imo. Never would have thought of him honestly. He surprised the shit outta me in Buster Scruggs

  14. Sir-Drewid says

    He’s done his best work after the franchise, but people are still calling him Harry Potter Alum?

  15. ultimate_jack says

    I had no idea this guy played Dudley. I’ve seen all the potter movies a dozen times, Buster Scruggs and Queens Gambit. Obviously recognized him in the latter 2 but never ever ever would have put it together that he was Dudley. Completely shocked by this.

  16. Bobala says

    >EXCLUSIVE: Harry Melling, best known as Dudley from the Harry Potter franchise, is headed from Hogwarts to West Point as is set to play one of the more iconic writers of our time.

    >…from Hogwarts to West Point

    I don’t think the author knows which character Dudley was.

  17. qtanon1 says

    Since I saw him in The devil all the time, I look forward to every project he’s involved. It’s said that the spiders scene was real, that’s commitment.

  18. crappotheclown says

    This guy was awesome in Queen’s Gambit. Happy he’s getting more work!

  19. AsavarKul says

    No disrespect to the man, but he looks like one of those tiny face memes… I cannot unsee it.

  20. OtherBluesBrother says

    If anyone’s wondering, the title is from a line in The Tell-Tale Heart:

    He had the eye of a vulture –a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and so by degrees –very gradually –I made up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.

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