1. Axman5055 says

    This is so smooth, it’d be r/oddlysatisfying material if it wasn’t filmed with a 90’s flip phone

  2. Skaterash says

    That camera man needs a promotion

  3. SFDCSoupDaddy says

    Nailed it

  4. Tossed_Away_1776 says

    And that’s why daddy drinks lmao

  5. JBYTuna says

    I can’t wait for the next episode.

  6. Sponge8008 says


  7. cubby422 says

    While stupid to use the skateboard on a trampoline, no way I would have thought that would happen

  8. MorrisonsLament says

    That’s why I say man, nice shot
    What a good shot man

  9. yokotron says

    Word on the street is it’s fake. But I still enjoy it.

  10. Anime96420 says


  11. PoolAddict41 says

    My life in a nutshell

  12. MungoJerryFan69 says

    Why has nobody commented that this is obviously fake yet?

  13. razortrack says


  14. mr0RANGEjuice says


  15. CSheler says

    Nailed it!

  16. Yosefpoysun says

    *hole in one*

  17. Knuffel_beertje says

    I physically heard the * woosh * in my head

  18. fred-is-not-here says

    First try!

  19. Poey221 says

    Love this everytime I see it.

  20. Zlijah says

    I really don’t know what he was expecting but that was pretty smooth.

  21. plusultra134 says

    I wouldn’t even be mad if i was his parent. Might even bet he couldn’t do it again.

  22. roboalexjohn says


  23. [deleted] says


  24. NotCrazieNewb says


  25. Ryantacular says

    You’re supposed to take the trucks off first lmao.

  26. NotCrazieNewb says


  27. Dandroid347 says

    Low key kinda sick

  28. Haeschtaek_Hofi says


  29. Jackthedog130 says

    Reminded of a book I read, “ Broken Window by Eve Brick.”…

  30. illboyill says


  31. xUSAMERICAx says

    This is classic theatre

  32. Dinokng says

    It’s an old code sir but it checks out.

  33. Ffarmboy says

    Like a comic.

  34. TheOneTrueWigglyBoi says

    Looking like Luigi side special

  35. Krendler_ says

    The camera work tho! 👏 👏 👏 👏

  36. UnrelentingLoaf says

    Old but gold.

  37. Zelda_Kissed_Link says

    Skateboard boys on trampolines helped us turn the tide in dubya dubya TWO! Thousands of them skaterboys lined up to defeat the Natzis!

  38. KingBesh says

    A classic

  39. hiiiii0000 says

    This is a classic video lol

  40. SydnoX says


  41. kbghkbb says

    at that age immediate panick follows

  42. Landon_flop says


  43. Monxwastaken says

    *hears the sound of a belt being undone*

  44. Mike_Hat1 says

    Most people think that those nets are to keep people from falling off trampolines but really they are skateboard containment systems.

  45. No_Equipment_2424 says


  46. why_not_now_or says

    perfect shot

  47. Lbdon1959 says

    Ooh! Do it again! Bet you can’t break the other window…

  48. PoohTrailSnailCooch says

    Old one but a good one.

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