1. Kilobytez95 says

    Right next to the electrical outlet… Smart place for it

  2. PlutoJones42 says

    Tasty water line goop. Love it

  3. shiftystuff says

    Been there. It always smells awful too. Luckily Ive never gotten a mouthful like it sounds like in the video.

  4. SUCKMEoffyouCASUAL says

    I just turned my head to avoid getting it in my mouth

  5. bett3r says

    What is that?

  6. DixiewreckedGA says

    Lucky the electric socket didn’t go boom

  7. ThinBlueLine-204 says

    That’s why the airlines where I work have a “t” joint from which the air connection protrudes, and the bottom section has a ~5 inch long section of pipe with a cap on the end. There’s a ball valve to allow the water to flow at the bottom of the 5 inch section of pipe to allow it to be drained

  8. camobandaniel says

    Desiccant air dryers help, also timed interval solenoid actuated blowdown valves

  9. PrO_rObLoX says

    You just got covered with


  10. trollfreak says

    smells like 7 day swamp ass

  11. digiking_2 says

    For the ideots here like myself can you please inform me of what happened?

  12. hatgineer says

    My eyes got watery IRL from watching this.

  13. What_a_young_guy says

    “Shouldn’t have fucked me so hard”

  14. contrabandboi123 says

    Yes… “air”

  15. iowamechanic30 says

    This is not what could go wrong, it is what will go wrong if you don’t install air lines properly.

  16. jchoneandonly says

    …. I’ve done exactly that.

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