1. Bronson-in-a-cave says

    The real fools are us for commenting on this post.

  2. NoWingedHussarsToday says

    Every time I feel dumb I think about all the times this has been reposted and explained in comments why she’s not dumb for doing this.

  3. ShakeShayokThybulle says

    This gets posted all the time and the real facepalm is OP and all the people in the comments trashing her.

    Actual Poker Pros wear mirrored sunglasses all the time. You don’t hold your cards up in front of your face. You keep them on the table and just bend back the corner.

    It’s impossible for your glasses to give away your hand, this shit is so fucking stupid.

  4. blockpro156porn says

    You think that her glasses are showing you the reflection of her cards, but that’s just what she wants you to think, in reality the glasses are displaying a projection of the cards that she wants you to think she has!

  5. Kittensofdeath says

    This whole thread is a big Reddit moment

  6. willi3blaz3 says

    They only lift their cards up enough to peek at them. Not like they’re holding them up to their face

  7. 5uper5aiyan5wagger says

    Every time I feel dumb, I think about the time when people on the internet use this image to make themselves feel smart

  8. turbosnacko says

    But it isn’t dumb.. the pros do it. It is to hide the eyes. Being able to see the cards would be tricky due to the distortion and small reflections visible when lifting up your card to take a peek

  9. Misterwuss says

    “None of you can read my eyes!”

    “Yeah but I can read numbers backwards.”

  10. Bobby_Rotkop says

    Why doesn’t anyone seem to understand that these posts are helping to keep people like her relevant? Want to get rid of her? Stop fucking posting about her!

  11. SorryForTheGrammar says

    I did happen to play with a dude wearing them. Easiest 200€ I’ve ever made!

  12. xanthopants says

    She’s holding cards on the table, a quick peep under them won’t be reflected at that angle!

  13. Helloboi2 says

    what is wrong with this

  14. Jynks says

    I do not get it? Why is that bad? I see people play professional poker all the time in glasses? Is it the mirror thing? If so why are mirror glasses bad?

  15. TerrenJamal says

    I’ll never understand why people hate her so much to the point of exhaustion.

  16. SleepOrderDis says


  17. thelenis says

    only famous because of a shitty sex tape with a 3rd rate rapper

  18. vivalhy says

    Like she’s worried about loosing a couple thousand dollars.

  19. tinoynk says

    Regardless of her intelligence, no poker player would ever look at their cards in a way that could be reflected in sunglasses.

    Only a moron would hold them up right in front of their face, you’re supposed to just peel the corners back while they’re face down.

  20. ponzidreamer says

    To be fair, she probably made more money by looking good in this photo than she would have by winning a few hands of poker

  21. millenialpink_ says

    To be fair, she is pretty intelligent in her own ways. Not a fan of the Karjenners much but they definitely do work for what they do

  22. Myriii1911 says

    Am i getting downvoted, if i write: i don’t think she is stupid.

  23. Christhephotographer says

    Not that dumb if she was just there for hype and playing with the houses money. Not defending her. I hate the Kardashians.

  24. aboobear28 says

    Guys, normally I’m the first one to say she’s stupid but she is a lawyer now, that gotta take a bit of intelligence, money can’t make her smart

  25. Clone-Wars-CT-5555- says

    Every time I feel dumb I remember there are people hoarding karma from this image on this sub

  26. RealisticEqual7504 says

    i thought you were gonna say, because this dumb bitch who no one saw as law school material, quit law school already because it was too hard. lmmfao

  27. Jimijam_Flimflam says

    Wow the real facepalm was op all along

  28. 412gage says

    Why does this have 27k upvotes?

  29. N3G4T1V_2 says

    IQ ∞

  30. PocketFullOfRondos says

    Why is this dumb? I actually don’t know

  31. Greenbay7115 says

    Who needs to read a poker face when they can read poker cards?

  32. Donkey_Thrasher says

    Bruh reddits hate boner for her is fucking crazy lmao.

  33. hipsterdannyphantom says

    And she is in law school now!

  34. MeatloafPopsicle says

    She’s not dumb. You all are. Poker players all wear sun glasses, and her mirrors aren’t gonna show you shit. Personally, I think wearing sunglasses to play poker is pathetic, but that’s not really the point of this post.

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