1. Shai_Shai77 says

    But then those useless facts would become useless again, thus creating a paradox

  2. jabmahn says

    Also “useless” facts are sometimes the best facts

  3. ShadowSaynt says

    Well fuck me….I’m in debt now

  4. Seamen-Thrower says

    This genuinely blew my mind

  5. shirukien says

    It only becomes useful after the money has changed hands though, and it doesn’t really matter afterwards. I’ll take my 3 million in non-sequential unmarked bills please.

  6. Mackomaker says

    but if you then didn’t make money those facts would appear to be useless again and the cycle would repeat.

  7. IAmABlubfiss says

    Well, zero dollars from your facts you (hopefully) have other means of accessing more money than literally none.

  8. thomasdekwade says

    … and then they become useless again because they don’t make you any money. We found a bedtime paradox!

  9. Mr_Singam says

    if the useless facts made him money, why does he still have 0$????

    if he made money, those facts become useful, which again makes him broke.

    the process repeats, until the timeline is broken.

  10. Smalll-Boi says

    Lol you just saw that post and immediately made a meme. I don’t blame you

  11. Whitishc00kie says

    Shut up and take my free award you heathen

  12. Kenlaboss says

    The paradox is real

  13. SusDingos says

    Finally, this template used correctly. Most people who use this template just slap a joke and call it a meme, when it doesn’t even make sense, like some people using this template don’t even say things out of line

  14. Indiligent_Study says

    His I hate this template please someone kill it

  15. TomaszA3 says

    He’s out of line, but he’s rich

  16. ToleratorYT says

    looks like someone is being asked at his work what is the power house of the cell

  17. Alphafloss says

    But if it makes me money I should have money but I have none…ummm noice paradox

  18. artimon3113 says


  19. Pixlde says

    I had to fucking read this twice for some reason.

  20. bender_isgreat1969 says


  21. ZeldaGoodGame says

    I love paradoxes

  22. Kambo_cz says

    Big brain time

  23. Linux_Socrates says


  24. chickenman2359 says


  25. quitofilms says

    Wait, you would still have the dollar because before you got the dollar, they were useless. It is only after you got the dollar that they would now be useful

  26. FIFFY_2 says

    But they become useless *after*

  27. howietzr says

    Schrodinger’s facts are both useful and useless.

  28. r34orang says

    But if you got $1 for every useless fact you’ve heard in your lifetime, do those facts remain useless or do they become useful since you’re profiting from it?

  29. BallisticRetail says

    This is an r/showerthoughs moment. It has to be.

  30. jessuvaleria says


  31. editable_ says


  32. elbe2009 says

    Well, if you can’t spend the money or use otherwise (for example when you are in jail or something) it is technically useless. So you could get much money. Then if you get out of jail (or wherever you have been), you can spend the money. (Of course then it isn’t useless anymore, but i would say just the moment you get it counts.)

  33. Diabolokiller says

    This is a paradox tho

  34. ultimo_2002 says

    …except they don’t make you money if they are not useless anymore wich makes this a paradox

  35. Viking_Chemist says

    Difference between

    IF factIsUseless == true then:
    factIsUseless = false;


    IF factIsUseless == true then:
    factIsUseless = false;

    IF factIsUseless == true then:

  36. Migosph says

    But they’re useless because give no money idk I want to die

  37. RetalyR says

    would make*

  38. spector989 says

    If we are agreeing to this post then the fact I know that this post exists is useless then I get some money but if we try to argue that if I get money this is useful , but the description says “knew” past tense . So it was a useless fact hence I get money

  39. nirex0 says

    Halt it right there!

  40. Poseidon_29th says

    It’s a paradox, because if u earned $0, then the facts would return to a state of uselessness, thus showing the paradox

  41. sdiKyMgnihcaelB_ says

    But then they don’t make you money, (their only use) therefore making them useless again


  42. therealSkychaser says

    How is that ‘out of line’

  43. Mister_Way says

    Useless facts don’t exist. They serve at least some very minor function in at least some very minor aspect of at least some very minor fraction of the population.

  44. LuxeCraze says

    By brain processing speed had to increase a bit to understand this….

  45. Anonimatul1997 says

    The Truth

  46. adelinajacob says

    I will be a billionare soon then

  47. Creeper-chan_gd says

    And then they are not useless, and u don’t get money, and they’re useless again

  48. Atheizm says

    My career is in this meme and I don’t like it.

  49. hassantaleb4 says


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