1. SkylerBlu9 says

    mega chessotron

  2. BrentAnkle says

    Ah yes, the Voltron Gambit. The dark side of the Chess is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be… unnatural.

  3. averyconfusedgoose says

    Ah yes the Gundam gambit. A risky move at this point in the game but he could still pull it off if he has the skills.

  4. ConradTheMelon says

    “Kasperov has conglomerated his pieces into a mega chessotron. It’s not looking good for short”

  5. Firekid31 says


  6. Klotzster says


  7. Marcwatts says

    I see a missed opportunity for a bishop placement but hey… not too shabby

  8. BananaToast172 says

    Chess update seems cool

  9. amowdy says

    Pro gamer move

  10. MauledByButterflies says

    When you play with one of those people who think that something not being specifically excluded in the rules means its a ‘fair move’

  11. theWeeVash says

    Darth Plaguechess.

  12. Secret-Sprinkles-433 says

    Wait that’s not how you’re supposed to play it? Huh I guess I should’ve read the instructions more clearly

  13. CJYP says

    Nobody show this to /r/AnarchyChess.

    Edit – apparently that’s where it comes from.

  14. DiscombobulatedFix90 says

    This is certainly a boss fight

  15. YannisAP says

    Ape together strong.

  16. KevnBlack says

    Really reminds me of the Iron Golem from Dark Souls 1 haha

  17. Archaicsword says

    Looks like a Kingdom Hearts battle

  18. UncleSquach says

    Taking castling to the next level

  19. Halomaster625 says


  20. 7th_Spectrum says

    That’s what happens when all pawns get to the other side

  21. Fir3mast3r55 says

    Fallen Chesslord of Chaotic Gambits

    Promote 8 pawns to queens to defeat.

    Easy: start with standard chess loadout, including the queen.

    Medium: Start with standard chess loadout, excluding the queen.

    Hard: Only pawns, bishops, knights and the King.

    Veteran: Only pawns, knights and the King.

  22. ascjced says

    This has become my favorite sub. Even before I see which sub it’s from, I already say
    “hmmm” inside my head. Haha

  23. redphantoM3 says

    Isn’t this a boss in kingdom hearts?

  24. production-values says

    “king me”

  25. nickz03 says


  26. Mentalpatient87 says

    Metal Gear?!

  27. Charlotte_____ says

    Chessodia the forbidden

  28. Pietjiro says

    En passant this mf

  29. philophish_ says

    Finally an update for chess

  30. starduster05 says

    That pawn is just like:


  31. CrItIcAl_KoMbO520 says

    Hmmmm may have to sacrifice a pawn so the knight can gett a hit in.

  32. TonyStrayVideo says

    I see this working one of two ways.

    1: Can move any squares in any direction, as well as making an L move.

    2: Can initially move in a straight line in any direction, then only forward one square after the rooks are captured, and so on as limbs are lost.

  33. CrepeySauc says

    The legendary chestosterone has been awaken and will destroy everything in it’s path but seriously how do you do that?is it glue?

  34. dovah-meme says


  35. Delano7 says

    – Attack on Colony 9, Bionis. 2009 colorized

  36. handsomellama28 says

    Protocol 1 : Link to Pilot

  37. TheNorthComesWithMe says

    Time to summon Tarkus

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