1. thefourthhouse says

    I have covid and have no taste. I am so very envious. Looks amazing!

  2. Kozinator510 says

    Nice putting some veg underneath the meat to preserve the bottom bun.

  3. smit009 says

    Cough* recipe cough*
    Looks really good!!

  4. Admirable-Kangaroo-5 says

    That looks delicious.

  5. ralos87 says

    What’s a “smash” burger ?

  6. NopeYouAreLying says

    That’s a hamburger. When did every goddamn hamburger become a smash burger?I feel like I’m in an alternate reality, where the method one uses to make a food becomes part of its name. If I boil a hot dog it’s not a boil dog. It’s a hot dog.

  7. Fine-Upstairs-6284 says

    Looks splendid

  8. Avitard89 says

    That looks amazing. Bet it was 10× better then the peroges I had.

  9. sarahcat- says


  10. nbenz95 says

    Pickles on the bottom. I salute you for your burger composition.

  11. JerkasaurusRex_ says

    Those are too thick to be smash burgers.

  12. Iamthe8percent says

    I’m just gonna have to unfollow this sub. Y’all are killing me while I’m on my diet.

  13. Karkabounas says

    Looks delicious!!

  14. Boothy_88 says

    That looks so good.

  15. JimJams999 says

    It’s perfect in every way

  16. PSU_Bucco says

    Tips for the smash burger? I have a cast iron skillet but I still haven’t tried making those.

  17. PM_ME_UR_LAST_DREAM says

    Gimme dat

  18. cashpiles says

    It looks amazing.

  19. targz254 says

    Is the bun yellow from butter?

  20. YouDontKnowMyLlFE says

    Is the bun actually egg yolk orange or is your camera just really over saturated?

  21. metallaholic says

    I’ve never wanted to French kiss a burger before today.

  22. DarkEater77 says

    oh my, i don’t know the recipe, but i love it.

  23. gavmcd says

    Looks amazing

  24. redditretard34 says

    Looks delicious

  25. Darkspartan08 says

    I just came back from Korean BBQ and looking at this burger made me hungry again!

  26. prss79513 says

    This looks so fucking bomb

  27. unicleus says

    Can you tell me where you will be selling this?


  28. moshritespecial says

    That looks smashafucking delicious!

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