1. CivilianRitz says

    Sir… they’re drinking their socks now

  2. hungryrhinos says

    Ok let that be the last sock drank by anyone

  3. --Lightworks says

    Bruh wtf is wrong with you 🤣🤣🤣

  4. ReasonableKiwi89 says

    I hope your tendies come faster than your medical bill for an intestinal resection. seriously, good luck. hope you’ll be ok. if u get bad pain please don’t wait on it to get necrotic.

  5. lllVexolll says

    If this hits 350 by eow I’m going to do the same thing I did today. That was taking a nap during market hours.

  6. More_Bunch7313 says

    At this Point I don’t know what to say anymore. Hfs r fukd.

  7. Onmytyme says

    You tard, I hope that doesn’t fuck you up and then you die and can’t enjoy a tendie smoothie.

    You got giant balls of steel, Ape. Probably hairy AF too.

  8. XnyTyler says

    First we had DeepFuckingValue, from the ashes of his silence rose DeepFuckingBanana, and now we have our lord and savior… DrinkFuckingSock

  9. drags666 says

    Submit this to 5-minute crafts, you would fit right in with them.

  10. JustHereToPostandCom says

    Please tell me you guys can actually watch it now.


    Update: My shit was normal


    Edit: The sock is cotton so it’s not harmful.

    Still don’t try this at home you wonderful apes!


    Edit 2:

    Youtube link: https://youtu.be/iYj8xlSSz_0

  11. Any-File-2368 says

    That made me smile and, if you experience any discomfort, please don’t hesitate to go to the doctor and please do film his reaction as you show him the video that might explain why you have some tummy rumblings.

  12. 1mhereforagoodtime says

    The most attractive thing a man can do, is exactly what he says he’s going to do.
    Please take my upvote

  13. Preservedgonads says

    You guys are the reason this place is a happy place for me 😂♥️

  14. i_call_u_faggot says

    If this closes above 1,000 tomorrow I’ll get a GameStop ass tat

  15. thabat says

    Wont that… destroy your intestines and kill you?

  16. CrystalGoddess78 says

    I have that exact same glassware!

  17. ChristineWhy says

    This is what bazillion dollar hedgies are betting against. They literally can’t win 😂

  18. dan_bark says

    Really enjoying the undertale music, bullish

  19. lkongmany says

    Funky monkey smoothie flavour of the day!

  20. tonyg518 says

    Haaaaaaaaa hahaha how could you possibly win in battle against shit like this. My floor is warrant buffett drinking socks and boofing bananas and shit hahahahaha

    Edit: warren* but issue him a warrant

  21. baccarat-monkey says

    Bananas, nice choice fellow ape!

  22. Violinsio says

    Nice undertale music

  23. VanimalCracker says

    It didn’t close @ >$300 tho.

    It closed at <=$300

  24. Graphitetshirt says

    Was it at least a *clean* sock?

  25. ChiefCokkahoe says

    It passed 300 in pre market did it not?

    I think you just wanted to drink a sock

  26. QDiamonds says

    Next on “My Strange Addiction” drinking socks. Man makes Sock Slurpies and obsessively likes a stock

  27. j__walla says

    I watched a guy drink a dirty sock today….

  28. NewtoInvesting_ says

    Imagine getting rich off GameStop, just to go back to being poor paying off the medical bills

  29. Meatbae says

    At least it wasn’t a crusty stock from behind your bed lmao!

  30. drkrab2010 says

    You sir are a legend

  31. existingtilldeath says


  32. drkrab2010 says

    You sir are a legend

  33. tabasco_pizza says

    oh no… oh nonoonnonononononoon…

  34. _aquaseaf0amshame says

    Wow knights of new what do I do!!!

  35. Slappy_Happy_Doo says

    I know this is a weird ask, but can you follow up with how that shit was? Would this be a wipe assist in some way on the exit?

  36. shumboom says


  37. Mokulelekoa says

    The man!!

  38. acesfullcoop says

    Not quiet a banana in the ass but i couldnt do either one so here, have an upvote

  39. CryptoFX1 says

    You nasty 🤢 YOUR AN OFFICIAL APE🚀🚀🚀

  40. Pheasantly_surprised says

    good luck on the toilet later…

  41. TheTaCo88 says

    I don’t know how a spoon dumping socks can look sad… but it did…

  42. GuronT says

    So many bets people bitch out on and disappear. You drank a sock. That’s what separates the 🦍 tribe from the 🐒 morons. May your seed spread far on Mars.

  43. 9mmbestmm says

    Bruh are you feeling ok lol that’s fucking weird

  44. chirkee says

    Fuck I love watching you dumb apes do dumb shit

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