1. piepants2001 says

    This is a good map, but it would be nice if there was a legend.

  2. _BRS_ says

    Are there any other examples of this?

  3. FireOf86 says

    Holy shit. That’s amazing. Still have questions but that is too fascinating. Literally 100 million yrs ago and it that pattern still exists in a didf way

  4. johnnygoboom says

    This is the content I followed for

  5. RidingWithTheSun says

    When people ask why I majored in Geography, I’m just going to show them this.

  6. Arthur_Loredo says

    Everything in this world is connected, Leibnitz said that everything that happens, every single thing contains in itself the hole history of the universe because it could not exist if the hole chain of accions hadn’t happened exactly as they did, therefore by knowing exactly everything about one thing we can know the future of us all and the hole universe. And as we know this is true, in astronomy we see how fragile and how slim was the possibility of the universe, and the earth, life, intelligence, humans, you or I and so on, its a miracle! . ( I know I didn’t did justice to Leibnitz idea but I think is worth saying bad than not at all)

  7. koth442 says

    I’ll just leave this here…


  8. simonbleu says

    I guess the sediment made the land richer, and farm owners were more likely to own slave that remained after the abolition? Interesting

  9. AlbanDaci says

    Ancient coastal elites

  10. a4bh3 says

    This is one of the cooler maps and transdisciplinary connections I’ve seen. Nice work.

  11. TheDapperTrapper says

    Damn this should have been in Freakonomics

  12. baycommuter says

    I heard some Southerners were all sedimental about slavery, but…

  13. glidinglightning says

    [Here’s a tweet thread that explains it wonderfully](https://twitter.com/latifnasser/status/1323333293467525126?s=21) from one of the radiolab fellows.

  14. MemeFollower69 says


  15. AnthonyParchman says

    Geographic determinism, you don’t think about how geography shapes every day life but there it is always in the background.

  16. notnotdasgno says

    Wait how tho? Can anyone explain it?

  17. speedle62 says

    Geography is destiny.

  18. esvegateban says

    Relevant: [Why the West Rules—for Now](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9491855-why-the-west-rules-for-now), great book about this, give it a go.

    And [here’s the tl;dr](https://youtu.be/wnqS7G3LmMo) by himself.

  19. cmanson says

    What’s interesting about the south is that certain “enlightened” northerns will shit on in relentlessly, while also forgetting that it’s the blackest place in the US.

    The South is awesome. I’m not saying the South doesn’t have problems, I’m just saying they’re awesome. Try doing American literature, food, and (especially) music without the contributions of the south, especially the black south. You’ve got one boring country, I’ll tell you that.

    Glad to have you fuckers, from a yankie. We’re gonna figure this shit out eventually, even if I die a naive hippie

  20. acarpenter08096 says

    Watch the Half as Interesting video on YouTube

  21. SouthernDudeYT says

    There’s a great video about it [here](https://youtu.be/VTV-uZZuFMA)

  22. boytutoy says

    A 100 million year domino effect. Amazing, take my upvote and have a great day

  23. meerfrau85 says

    This all makes logical sense to me, but is there a source?

  24. RoscoMan1 says

    They probably won’t have another election.

  25. labssis says

    Good map!

  26. TheApricotCavalier says

    Outstanding work

  27. Wareagle545 says

    Yup, this is Alabama’s “Black Belt”. Areas of higher concentration of African American populations, as well as where a large portion of the state’s agriculture is located. Very fertile soil.

  28. stayintheshadows says

    This is just where the people are.

    Most maps are just saying, hey this is where the people are!

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