1. boppedEEMinDAsmoof says

    I’ve looked at this too long, now it looks likes he’s dancing.

    Edit: I’ve looked at it even longer & now he looks like he’s rowing a boat.

  2. Arctic_Gnome says

    People here joke, but the tripod setup really is interesting. I guess that’s the logical way of walking if you have six legs, but I had never thought of it before.

  3. NXGZ says

    Seems efficient

  4. Ludmillions says

    Those hips don’t lie

  5. Philip_De_Bowl says

    That’s why they’re such good workers. They always obey the OSHA “3 points of contact” rule, not only when climbing, but walking as well!

  6. MissSkippy92 says

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
    I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk

  7. Daxian says

    This makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and I’m not sure why.

  8. TheIndulgery says

    U/redditspeedbot .5

  9. whosmellslikewetfeet says

    Got that swagger!

  10. knock-off-pale says

    Someone pair this with staying alive for r/gifsounds

  11. k876577 says

    Any proof the heads wobbles from side to side?

  12. accoladevideo says

    Why do I hear “Stayin Alive” when I see this?

  13. RoseyOneOne says

    Ok, now I wanna see how they dance.

  14. Feather_Bloom says

    Hate to see it leave.. but love to watch it walk away 👅💦

  15. cqdx73 says

    Are you sure?

  16. conrid says

    Uncomfy, uncomfy. God damn shivers down my spine

  17. bokugo69 says

    i wish i had legs

  18. Waarm says

    Their legs are basically tripods

  19. cutslikeakris says

    Triangle of support at all times. Learned in first year entomology classes!

  20. Individual-Mammoth28 says

    This is interestingasfuck

  21. SoySauce_McGiggles says

    I don’t like this

  22. Reindeer_Still says

    Why does it walk like a bad bitch ?

  23. The_TurdMister says

    This makes sense… now do spiders

  24. BlueRoo42 says

    Now do a spider next!

  25. gdmfsobtc says

    That’s how I walk.

  26. Far-Ad1944 says

    How your gf walks after visiting me

  27. Cigano_deprimido says

    It’s just me or it seems a little bit disgusting?

  28. swang0083 says

    this makes me very uncomfortable

  29. hueysdad says

    this makes me very uncomfortable..

  30. Wasting_my_own_time says

    Fuck ants

  31. [deleted] says


  32. jiujitsy says

    Feel the city breaking and everybody shaking but we’re staying alive starting alive.

  33. Enok-Stroth says

    I walk the same way when I am on a mission for the hive mind.

  34. accoladevideo says

    What is love? Baby don’t hurt me

  35. ecthelion108 says

    I just sat here watching this for 15 minutes.

  36. UNAUTH0R1ZED says

    So like 2 overlapping tripods?

  37. Moveover33 says

    seems even harder than patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

  38. NaturalFaux says

    I was literally preventing myself from sleeping last night thinking about this but with spiders

  39. hotsy-totsy-flopsie says

    happy little ant butt wiggle

  40. Choccy_Melk69 says


  41. knowone23 says

    The ants go marching three by three, hurrah, hurrah

  42. 8thchakra says

    It’s like their brain only needs to have programming for 2 legs

  43. stryker511 says

    I’m wondering if someone actually painted an ants legs to reveal this…

  44. nobodydeservesme says

    Hypnotized me a bit after staring too long

  45. paulxombie1331 says

    Is there really any feasible point they have 6 limbs if they can still walk easily without two legs?

  46. toeofcamell says

    If they lose one of their legs in a fierce battle what happens then?

  47. sfpencil says

    Can’t. Look. Away.

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