1. Powerful-Platform-41 says

    Why start with the dot in the middle? I always thought it was just steps 5-10…

  2. Any_Day_4307 says

    Nails tech 4+ years. Starting in the middle is the easiest then sides. Try both tho. Just my experience.

  3. Itsthelegendarydays_ says

    First you have to have even nails tho

  4. motofabio says

    Sooo… what’s the added black line at the end of the nail that was added in finger #2?

  5. Chiggadup says

    Dad who’s never painted a nail before.

    Daughter just old enough to be asking about it for fun.

    Much obliged for the guide!

  6. jazzpenis says

    Bro I JUST did my daughter’s nails the best a dad can do before I saw this. This is the kinda shit they don’t teach you in hammer-school

  7. Beantownbrews says

    As the dad of two girls, I appreciate this

  8. PhreiB says

    Didn’t read. Thought this was a guide on cutting off fingers.

  9. deicidals says

    I just slather the paint everywhere so long as my nails are entirely covered. Then I scratch the excess on my cuticles off as a nervous habit. Win/win

  10. barktothefuture says

    Why the dot in middle disappear?

  11. redplatesonly says

    My question’s not how to paint the nail. My question’s how to not paint the skin.

  12. TheBirdsFlySouth_ says

    As a girl dad, I appreciate this. Thanks for posting, excited to paint my 3 and 6 year old’s nails tomorrow.

  13. LadyChef106 says

    I’ve been doing it wrong all these years?

  14. apocalypsebitch says

    Honestly depends on your nail shape and whatnot. For me, starting with the middle is easiest and then working it gently into the sides given how incredible curved my nails are is best for me. I think practice and trial and error help a lot. Also a q tip or small brush dipped in remover to clean up mistakes 🙂

  15. anthrohands says

    I paint practically my whole fingertip very carelessly and it comes off my skin in the shower

  16. spookykayak says

    Cool!!! I’ve always watched my nail technician paint my nails since I was a kid and I noticed she always had a pattern that would make every nail look perfect every time and this is definitely it! I’m gonna try it

  17. Capital-Sir says

    I just buy gel stickers. Can’t make a mess when you aren’t dealing with wet polish.

  18. WoggyWoggerson says

    Shit. Me, a savage, just pours the bottle on my finger tips.

  19. TheNub25 says

    Instructions unclear I now have full makeup on my face

  20. greath says

    As someone who has never painted their nails before: why can’t you just paint one side to the other side in rows… Like painting a tiny wall?

  21. iAmWhorehey says

    I’m a dude, ngl I wanna paint my nails now though just to see if it works

  22. RedditorNumber-AXWGQ says

    You fucked up at nail 4 and 5.

  23. skjellyfetti says

    Guide not clear, put nail polish on foreskin.

  24. JustOne_MexicanHere says

    what a shit guide lol

  25. loudmime0813 says

    Instructions hard to follow I painted the Mona Lisa instead

  26. SWAMPMULE74 says

    Now I can paint my daughters nails and not have it everywhere.

  27. soge_king420 says

    Step 1: have a finger

    I think I got this!

  28. Durml says

    Ok now what if your hands shake like a jackhammer?

  29. EUCopyrightComittee says

    First you have to have even nails tho

  30. cdegallo says

    Where’s the fucking dot in the middle that you started with?!

  31. gizmogirl0 says

    That’s cute. I too can paint evenly with an illustration. Trying to paint your nails when you arent a professional or have mastered it is like you’re a 5 year old finger painting all over again. Dont even get me started on the extra bit that drowns the nail on accident or the scratchy bit when you run low. Oh and then after finangling your leftover hand with the painted one then you have to be disciplined enough to wait or stick to everything. I ain’t got time fo that.

  32. TheHaruka says

    Given the width of any nail polish brush, shouldn’t the bottom part of this guide be enough? How wide exactly are these nails…?

  33. njm1314 says

    What happened to the dot in the middle? It’s in the 3rd one, then by the 5th one it’s gone.

  34. That_Old_TV says

    So nobody else knows about just putting it in a bottle cap and using a brush that covers ur nail completely

  35. SuborbitalQuail says

    Or you could stop pretending painted keratin means something.

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