1. quantizedself says

    Yeah the issue is that “1/4 speed” is just a slowed version of a normal frame rate. You’ll never see anything useful no matter how slow. It needs to be captured by a high speed camera that does hundreds or even thousands of frames per second. Then you can work with it.

  2. Brittlehorn says

    I was hoping for the video to be slowed a little more than just 1/4 of Mach 8.6 so we could actually see more than a puff of smoke

  3. 1gridlok2 says

    Need the slowmo guys for this

  4. Send_me_your_BM says

    They way they caught the DeLorean just as it hit 88 mph was really spot on.

  5. Hazermania17 says

    What the point of play this at different speeds? You can’t see anything on the last video either

  6. fresh_gnar_gnar says

    So what. They shot it at 60fps?


    Whoever Green lit this publication without including some slow mo footage deserves a paddlin

  7. MrGn0m3 says

    I blinked

  8. re_formed_soldier says

    I hope they have brakes in the future they are headed to

  9. TunaSpank says

    You’d think after all the trouble of setting this up they’d invest in a high end camera to film it with.

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