1. LJScribes says

    I remember when someone first posted a video of them doing this in game. Also one where they jumped from their jet midflight, sniped a pilot out of their jet then skydived down to it and jumped in.

  2. rberg89 says

    People loved videos of this happening in-game. From a marketing perspective, if the shoe fits, lace that thing up and take off.

  3. Dark135n says

    Finally they understood for which fan base the game is

  4. reddumbs says

    Just casually storing an RPG launcher in the cockpit with him.

  5. xlolx101 says

    Sadly no jeep stuff refrence

  6. ArikBadami says

    The RendeZook

  7. lemuever17 says

    On the other hand, I am extremely disappointed that they didn’t strap C4s on the ATV.

  8. ApeWatcher says

    Watched the trailer live and had to giggle when I saw this loved it

  9. heate says

    Wait did they just do a cinematic remake of that famous Battlefield clip from all those years ago?

    Thats awesome

  10. Unofficial_Officer says
  11. tankman654 says

    This is a certified only in Battlefield moment.

  12. StanleyOpar says



  13. WayneKrane says

    Reminds me of the old 1942 days. Jump out of a plane so it does a loop, grab the flag and when the plane completes the loop you held E to get back in and fly off.

  14. TheVerbalSpaghetti says

    Holy shit….a dev that knows and cares about their base!

  15. Vyar says

    This is completely unrealistic.

    A real Battlefield player would snipe the pursuing pilot and then steal their plane.

  16. grey_carbon says

    Where he will sit in the F-35 if he fired the chair?

  17. GameplayLoop says

    This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen. Well done, DICE.

  18. bjorndemon says

    It’s surprising how a lot of people complain about realism when they aren’t being real to admit it’s just a video game with the sole purpose of giving an entertaining experience + it’s basically a way of EA/DICE making fans service saying, “we keep up with our community in case you guys think we didn’t” , who on earth is gonna jump out of a jet with a launcher in his hands?? it’s just Game and PR boys.

  19. Capital-Nobody says

    Damn the Air Force is really going all out with their ads now.

  20. ice_icey says

    Michael Bay will be proud

  21. SqwashGaming says

    This guy bf4’s

  22. djamp42 says

    I got so excited for a second, i thought they were remaking BF2142 the best Battlefield game ever made. I want titans and escape pods back.

  23. SovietWalrus95 says

    Just Cause 2042 looks great

  24. SleepiestBoye says

    If they get back to the BF3, BF:BC2 vibes I’ll buy two copies.

  25. crashcar22 says

    This entire trailer was the meme “only in Battlefield”

  26. Desperate_Present672 says

    Classic BF3 move!

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