1. Mystic_Saiyan says

    Surprised he didn’t get some serious health problems from laying in bed so much unless everyone knew and he got up every now and then while Charlie was at school/asleep.

  2. daiwild says

    Never understood grandpa joe hate until now

  3. MathGuyTony says

    It was really to share a bed with his wives.

  4. beefstewforyou says

    I was under the impression that he was seriously ill but the joy of Charlie getting the golden ticket miraculously healed him.

  5. baconborg says

    You know people hate grandpa joe because they’re applying real world logic. I genuinely think learning about that golden ticket rejuvenated his body, same universe where a chocolate salesman is figuring out how to warp reality through TV’s just to sell more chocolate after all

  6. Rectal_Lactaids says


  7. SprinklesTheEevee says

    I hate this meme SOOOO MUCH because in the book he really was old and decrepit, (the worst health of the four grandparents in fact) and talking to Charlie about the factory was the one thing that brought him to life, so to speak because he used to work at the factory and the memories brought him joy (kinda like the grandma in Coco who was catatonic for most of the movie but the song Remember Me was the thing that finally brought the light to her eyes.)

    Charlie getting the Golden Ticket was such a shock to his system that it immediately energised him back into health and in the book this was treated as a miracle. He COULDN’T GET OUT OF BED, the joy FIXED HIM.

  8. ImJustHere4theMoons says

    Pitch Meeting had the best take on Grandpa Joe.


  9. usernamenoonehas says

    Love this rare willy wonka fandom tribute

  10. nic0lk says

    I at least like how Grandpa Joe needs to slowly get used to walking again in the first movie. In the remake he just immediately jumps out of bed and starts dancing.

  11. OwWahahahah says

    I played Grampa Joe in my elementary school play. I got the part because I did an impression of my grandmother getting out of bed at the audition.

  12. LucianoThePig says

    I can’t be the only one who just doesn’t find this funny anymore

  13. Somekindofcabose says

    I’m very confused when did they ever say he was paraplegic?

    It was two sets of grandparents in a small house who just chilled instead of being in the way.

    Dude was supposed to be 90 and like a skeleton. They were eating cabbage stew if my memory is correct as well so high chance he couldn’t eat normal solids. (Anyone seen thickened liquids can attest that it’s fucking gross… pureed food is equally gross)

    If any fictional character deserves this much hate its Erebus or Typhus from Warhammer.

  14. Dyaxa says

    It’s missing the signature coke nail.

  15. prettypinkbowxo says

    What the fuck is this bullshit?

  16. Glass_Chance9800 says

    Well I’ll be on r/munchsnark now if anyone needs me

  17. daworldgonnaend says

    # killgrampajoe

  18. Doondory says

    Funny joke, but the fact of the reality is that this was a working class poor persons house and Grandpa Joe clearly had depression until his grandson caught a break. Did you know:

    >The term stagflation, a portmanteau of stagnation and inflation, was first coined during a period of inflation and unemployment in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom experienced an outbreak of inflation in the 1960s and 1970s.

    When did Willy Wonka come out? 1971.

    Grandpa Joe had depression of wages and in real life, and yet we laugh at his situation.

  19. MrTastix says

    People hate on Grandpa Joe while conveniently ignoring the fucking literal slave owner that willingly let children be tortured.

    Willy Wanka was a fucking psycho.

  20. Street_Tacos__ says

    Grandpa Joe is a jerk

  21. b_buster118 says

    do you think all the grandparents ever had an orgy in the big bed they all slept in?

  22. 14thCenturyHood says

    This joke again? Let it die already

  23. No_Cut6590 says

    What 😅

  24. NickFromNewGirl says

    What is /r/MunchSnark?

  25. WillieMcdonald90 says

    Unless my math is wrong that’s a profit

  26. atrain728 says

    Also, wants to cash in on the everlasting gobstopper. I just watched this yesterday. Grandpa Joe wasn’t much of a role model.

  27. Snarkyish-Comment says

    Boy oh boy, do I have a subreddit for you OP!

  28. Mycoffee26 says


  29. Fancymeow12 says

    The fuckin MOMENT charlie showed the ticket he jumped up and started singing the old shit.

  30. isFlo says

    I don’t understand, can someone explain?

  31. Jajoby says

    There’s this comment from a r/grandpajoehate post about Mr. Jopeck, the newspaper guy. It always makes me laugh and I just wanted to share it:

    Seems pretty fucking suspicious to me.
    Sounds like Mr. Jopeck is a fucking cyborg programmed by Grandpa Joe to orchestrate a child labor ring.
    What’s the alternative? This guy sends greetings every day to an old pedophile that’s holed up in bed for 20 years?”

    – u/BreatheMyStink

  32. CreeMcCreeCreeinton says

    What’s munchsnark?

  33. RunningTurtle06 says


  34. ramenhoe_ says


  35. LordIggy88 says


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