1. NuckinFutsCanuck says

    Dude you have to show us the inside.

  2. Vellioh says

    Comfortably sleep 6 on 220′?

    Damn these are some Hong Kong numbers you’re pushing here lol

  3. SwampoO says

    Can i please work for you. 20 years in carpentry and this looks like fun.

  4. AwkwardMethod says

    It actually looks pretty cool at night. I have LED lights under all of the soffit and Rapunzels braid lights up as well.

  5. theaxandthetree says

    Dude this is amazing, and thank you for throwing in Rapunzel, who is hands down my favorite!

  6. MissyLissy94 says

    Why don’t we make houses like this anymore. Like, houses have become so BORING to look at.

  7. garymason74 says

    People would pay to visit that. That’s amazing.

  8. Meghan493 says

    Hey I definitely saw all the tiktok videos of the couple making this. I assume you’re their customer? Or, don’t tell me, a content thief???

    Edit: ahh you said you built it! So which member of the couple are you? Love your videos.

  9. West-Painter says

    The OP is fibbing and he took this photo in Disney😂

  10. icyhotdog says

    Hansel and Gretel vibes

  11. nfefx says

    What’s it like to have piles of money to just throw away?

  12. Fhtagnyatta says

    This is an ad for an airbnb listing that made the frontpage.

    Good job reddit.

    As an aside, does anyone here know where the next reddit is? This one is all used up.

  13. BalzacTheGreat says

    Cool ad for your AirBnB

  14. yoloyeet420 says

    I follow y’all on Instagram, great to see you here! I really love watching the builds happen, you’ve really leveled up in the past couple years. Keep up the good work!

  15. 4022a says

    That’s an airbnb goldmine.

  16. jamesonjc says

    Please interior

  17. jesslangridge says

    Please please please pics of inside!!!!

  18. mr_davidson1984 says

    Its super cool, but also a perfect example of why we should eat the rich and redistribute their assets to the proletariat

  19. uniweeb71 says


  20. Henderossa23 says

    I need a photo with a person standing next to this so I understand the size better!

  21. Karmas_burning says

    This is incredible! My gf asked if the tower room was available for rent lol

  22. PettyCrocker_ says


  23. blood_omen says

    It’s a crime to not post more pictures

  24. aramirezomni says

    r/ATBGE would like to see this I think. Really well done just not my thing.

  25. PoppaSquatt2010 says

    Was this built by @charmedplayhouses on IG by chance? Looks like their work and it’s beautiful

  26. thatSpicytaco says

    Very cool, it looks much larger then a tiny home

  27. Dangerous_Effort3355 says

    I hope we get to see you on those tiny home tour shows. I’d love to see a walkthrough.

  28. nowhereman136 says

    Damn, this cottage looks so good that Disney might sue

  29. Linguistic_Biscuit says

    Sleeping six on a round bed? Naughty OP!

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