1. SnooOwls7978 says

    I went to the weirdest ass luau run by Mormons in Hawaii. Everyone the staff had to act so smiley and fake. It was informative about different Pacific Islanders, but it also felt like a racist caricature, like a 1930s World Fair exhibit

  2. Jessie_Steele says

    Lilo and Stitch was where Disney peaked.

  3. Dzieciolowy says

    Hawaii is under illegal US occupation. They are basicaly a colony to the US that was annexed. Same goes for Puerto Rico and Guam.

  4. neidin28 says

    Not american, Luau’s arent a thing in my country, but my husband I were watching a bravo show the other evening where the all white cast were having a luau which was basically an excuse to drink like frat boys, and I said to my husband surely this can be classed as cultural appropriation? I dont get why these parties are so commonplace but no one bats an eyelid?

  5. homelygirl123 says

    I didn’t know this. How awful.

  6. Iamanamalgam says

    There’s a podcast called Noble Blood that has an episode about the last queen of Hawaii. I’d recommend the whole series, but that episode in particular was so infuriating.

  7. sound_of_aspens says

    Plus there’s that [deleted scene](https://youtu.be/taPoeIQaOiQ) where tourists ask Leelo if she speaks English and point at her exclaiming that there’s a “real native”. After playing a trick on them and getting in trouble, she says “if you lived here you’d understand.”

  8. InsaneJul says

    That explains why HTTYD is so good. Lilo and Stitch is one of the best Disney movies ever.

  9. TNGJ says

    DreamWorks dead baby DreamWorks dead.

    He forgot Jeffrey Katzenberg.

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