1. _g_boi_ says

    I also added a feature where you can change the hue colors with a slider :p

  2. bendywhoops says

    Thus is badass.

  3. yas9in says

    how can we get it

  4. aabicus says

    Looks good! The logo seems to be a bit artifacted, if you were trying to find one with a white outline, I could photoshop one really quickly. Just let me know what dimensions/other parameters you need.

    (Unless it’s just reddit’s video player compressing the footage, in which case ignore me :D)

  5. SexyCypriotwarrior says

    Yes please

  6. Meta_Goose says

    Ok, now I have a reason to create instagram account

  7. MarcoFiorillo98 says

    I want it.

  8. tapemastah says

    Need it want it gotta have it

  9. YourMJK says

    Music cuts off too soon.

  10. ajantasdasd says

    !remindMe one month

  11. ddevil-36 says

    love it, but imo the logo should be smaller and wider so it doesn’t look like that.

  12. hippoangel99 says

    Where did you film this? Is your house flooding?

  13. Colburnnn says


  14. gusfrong says


  15. maybe_sivvvv says

    This is really cooooool😎🔥

  16. Jicklus says

    Why does the logo flash and why does it look squashed?

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