1. Uneasylemons says

    Pretty sure I fought that thing in legend of zelda

  2. Uebercombo says


  3. LimitlessAeon says

    It’s the langoliers

  4. mike929 says

    I need to see this from take off

  5. flipmcf says

    Yet another device to piss off r/UFOs

  6. ALDJ0922 says


  7. mike929 says

    Is this the next boss after Covid?

  8. Madmorda says

    Bless the Maker and His water.
    Bless the coming and going of Him.
    May His passage cleanse the world.
    May He keep the world for His people.

  9. Wynter_born says

    Bless the Maker and his coming and going, and God Bless America! The Spice must be Free!

  10. MrGn0m3 says

    Looks like a whimsical portal

  11. froggiechick says

    Is it just me, or do other people on reddit constantly have the video buffer over and over, every time? I want to try and fix it if it’s just me.

  12. manescaped says

    As least it’s purging and not consuming

  13. gscoutj says

    Moving so fast parts look purple!

  14. Mr-Hat_and_Clogs says


  15. Burnstryk says

    Where is the location, looks really nice

  16. Alan_Wakes_Torch says

    Reminds me of the tentacle things in Deep Rising.

  17. zera_bloodwinter says

    This is amazing!

  18. Excited-Kangaroo says

    That’s badass

  19. carrozo says

    Flying jester sphincter.

  20. WiartonWilly says

    How do we reverse this? It would look like a Cambrian predator.

  21. matteothehun says

    You should make one in gray and black. Can you imagine how menacing that would look?

  22. HammyPBB says


  23. ccknboltrtre01 says

    Cant wait to see this at a rave

  24. Willfulindolence says


  25. K1NG15000 says


  26. Swerve_Corp says

    Arrakis Sandworm!

  27. not_a_droid says

    After playing subnautica for a little while this mildly terrifying

  28. Crazykillerguy says

    Don’t put your dick in that.

  29. 3dfactor says

    So much spinning. Maybe ir could generate electricity?

  30. WhippetsandCheese says


  31. PhillyNetminder says

    I want one

  32. sielingfan says

    Get it out of my air oh god kill it kill it

  33. squirreltattoos says

    Can’t wait to see this in my nightmares

  34. JimiSlew3 says


  35. alltheabove40 says

    Instantly thought of the demogorgan from Stranger Things.

  36. PineAndApplePizza says

    Why did you make it that the worm “spits” instead of “eating”? I see a potentially wasted opportunity to make it even cooler

  37. printring says


  38. allisatan says

    I totally thought this was digital art until I read the comments, this is SO cool!!

  39. [deleted] says


  40. LordKyrielight says

    Looks both beautiful and disturbing.

  41. linuxdragons says


  42. DiscourseOfCivility says


  43. [deleted] says


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