1. srcarruth says

    2/11. Never forget.

  2. DQ0412 says

    Atlantic Salmon farmed in Chile….in the Pacific Ocean…

  3. emgram769 says

    the discount is $1 per pound

  4. arcticdeth says

    Slmn Atl Frsh Frm Rals Fam Pk

    Salmon (Atlantic) Fresh Farm Rals [wtf?] Family Packet

    Am I close? What is rals?!

  5. IHazOwies says

    No one else seems to be concerned by “color added”..

  6. bumjiggy says

    “these go 2:11”

  7. targetw08 says

    I picked my nose today at 7:11 at 7-11

  8. 1Eternallylost says

    Phun Phakt

    About 20 years ago, some kid wanted to do a research paper on DNA testing. So his dad decided to help him out by using fish at their local fish market. What came back surprised them. A lot of the fish was mislabeled as more expensive fish.

    This led to more testing, and finally a whole lot of testing across the entire nation. Turns out, there’s a huge amount of fish mislabeled as more expensive fish. They were even able to determine that the problem gets worse as you travel west and south. So the fish in New England states were the most accurate, while the fish in the southwest was the least accurate. Problem is, nobody can figure out who is mislabeling the fish. All along the supply chain, everyone says they’re doing it right. But somewhere between the fishing wharfs and the food store, fish is getting mislabeled – and always as more expensive fish.

    Here’s a PDF about it.


    And it don’t stop there.


  9. Tarantula_Saurus_Rex says

    Hmmm daily 3 lotto numbers

  10. PotentiallyStoned says

    You gotta save it and eat in 211 days, you’ll discover the meaning of life

  11. uglypenguin5 says

    Finally something actually mildly interesting

  12. Thedrunner2 says

    Then heard a song by 311 in the car ride home and the moment passed

  13. daveescaped says

    OMG. It costs $8/lb. for farm raised, color added fish? Gross. Hard pass.

  14. bloopy1dog says

    Angel number

  15. alhernz95 says

    buy a lottery ticket

  16. RoboClaus says

    Farmed salmon with color added. Pardon me while I go fill the toilet with vomit.

  17. BocceBurger says

    When I saw this it had 211 comments!

  18. MitchHedberg says

    Where r u getting salmon for $7 a lb?

  19. ZydePunk77 says

    My birthday

  20. slapyak5318008 says

    That discount salmon contains 211 worms.

  21. Prof_Cats says

    Seems a little fishy to me

  22. Ronan87 says

    Farm raised? At that price too? lol…

  23. cinemascifi says

    Freez it, then cook it on Feb. 11.

  24. i95b8d says

    Friends don’t let friends eat farmed fish!

  25. whydoihavetodo_this says

    Try that again November 2nd.

  26. ili_udel says


  27. outtolunch171 says

    You lost me at ‘colour added’ 🤮🤮

  28. wildone213 says

    What’s the odds of that I guess the same as hunter Biden using the N word over and over again to his white lawyer as a black man I voted for joe Biden over looked all the racist shit joe has done over the years like speaking at senator birds funeral that was a kkk wizard in the clan all the your not black if you don’t voted for joe Biden or the crime bill that joe wrote that put black men in prison now we find out hunter use the N word all the time I guess the Apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree

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