1. I_might_be_weasel says

    One time at the college I went to, someone dropped a slice of cake on the sidewalk. A squirrel was going crazy for it. Everytime someone walking on the sidewalk got near it, the squirrel would get really aggressive and lunge at them.

  2. Grand_Theft_Motto says

    “I deserve this.”

  3. No_Chill011 says

    That’s a good day for the squirrel.

  4. Technochick says

    What kind of bougie ass neighborhood feeds their squirrels steak?

  5. Aj1218 says

    This reminds me of when I was a kid. The squirrel in our backyard had a litter of babies. Another male Squirell took one of the babies out of the nest and began eating it… It was to much for my 7 year old mind. Everyone called me a liar until the next day when the male Squirell stole a second baby and began eating it…

  6. Zebatsu says

    You should post it at r/fatsquirrelhate

  7. DarthLysergis says

    It has tasted flesh. Get to your homes and lock your doors.

  8. nelsonmavrick says

    Phat Gus is eating well.

  9. PrimaryArgument167 says

    Somebody, somewhere, is having a massive conundrum trying to figure out what in the fuck happened to their steak.

  10. Larry_Phischman says

    Pretty much every herbivore is actually an opportunistic omnivore. They’ll eat meat whenever they can get it because meat is a much better source of nutrients like calcium and protein.

  11. AugustWest80 says


  12. youngmorla says

    In college, I was out of money for a couple more days and down to the last bits of groceries. I had buttered crackers and baked beans for dinner one night. Riding the bus back home after class, I saw a squirrel climbing a tree with a whole glazed donut. I literally banged my fists against the glass and yelled “fuck you squirrel!” People looked at me like I was crazy. They weren’t wrong.

  13. trwwy321 says

    He’s on keto

  14. Nouseriously says

    Sounds like one of Kurtz’s lines in a deleted scene from Apocalypse Now.

  15. theoriginalsauce says

    I once saw a squirrel drag another dead squirrel up my tree and eat it.

    That was the day I learned they weren’t vegetarian

  16. wretch5150 says


  17. KillerInfection says

    Look at that, even a goddamned squirrel knows better than to eat a steak with ketchup.

  18. dumparoni says

    My spirit animal does exist…

  19. DownvoteMeB4Idelete says

    … 🎶 His hair was perfect 🎶 …

  20. ilovecraftbeer05 says

    I witnessed something similar recently except the squirrel was eating a chocolate frosted donut. Those little guys can eat.

  21. Timigos says

    He thought about not eating it but that would be a missed steak

  22. alldaylurkerforever says

    Ah roof steak. A rare delicacy like milk steak.

  23. babblingbabby says

    Seen a squirrel eating a steak on the roof the other day…

  24. Rockit2uranus says

    “It’s fucking overcooked.”

  25. UltimateDonny says

    Yes, yes you did

  26. Seriuqs says


  27. Skeletors_Sack says

    Wow, that’s just nuts

  28. steepledclock says

    Hands down the most WTF thing I’ve seen on this platform. So many questions.

  29. CoCleric says

    Florida Squirrel.

  30. MT_Flesch says

    pretty hard to resist a well-seasoned steak

  31. pjw6316 says

    Somebody pass him some Sweet Baby Ray’s…

  32. raellovepie says

    That’s a RARE thing to see. WELL DONE squirrel.

  33. okThisYear says

    This rat ate a better dinner than me. Fuck capitalism

  34. SurveySean says

    I ate a steak once, it wasn’t the size of my body though. That squirrels lucky!

  35. technocomm says

    This is rare! & well done!

  36. opposedwinter6 says

    Biden’s America.

  37. scurveymobile says

    Uh oh, they’re figuring out meat tastes delicious. Only a matter of time before squirrels are at the top of the food chain.

  38. Zkenny13 says

    Living his best life

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