1. codedexz says

    Or YouTube

  2. Fvckina says

    *looks over to second monitor with discord and Spotify open* I feel called out

  3. master_criskywalker says

    You don’t buy a second monitor. You use an old one as a second monitor.

  4. MundiGaming says

    *laughs in EVE Online*

  5. Setorrs says

    Looking at my second monitor right now that’s exactly what i have open. Funny how many people do that.

  6. Evil_Kittie says

    I used to have 1 browser window with ~300 tabs, then i got a second monitor now i have double that

  7. iiitsbacon says

    Middle monitor – Main one, whatever I’m currently focused on.

    Right monitor – Discord\spotify\AFKing on Osrs

    Left monitor – Game guides, internet browser, maybe youtube

  8. NoNameClever says

    Sorry Jayztwocents and other youtubers… Give me a $1000 monitor budget and I’m spending $800 on the primary $200 on the second, not 2x $500

  9. _thisisvincent says

    It’s way more useful for work than gaming/casual surfing.

  10. bluefisch200 says

    I know how you feel, my second Acer Predator XB271HU does nothing else than running Discord and YouTube 😀

    But it would look weird with a different model than the main screen…

  11. sweetsweetdaddy says

    1 monitor for discord and 1 for spotify.

    True game changer.

  12. CAT_HQ_1 says

    Am I the only one who does something like play games on one and watch a yt vid on the other?

  13. Spotthedot99 says

    6 browsers of porn vids i like as I keep scrolling for more on the main

  14. waffles_rrrr_better says

    Y’all got second monitors?

  15. _JO3Y says

    See that’s why you don’t spend $200 for a second monitor. Total waste of money. What you do is spend $1500 on a first monitor and make your old one a second monitor. Way better.

  16. Inhumansine says

    Second? I sometimes don’t use my fourth.

  17. uller30 says

    Maybe porn. Some days porn also

  18. GreatDank says

    4 monitors here, typically two are for 3D applications, one is for Chrome, the other is discord and Pure Ref.

  19. Killarexx says

    Single monitor gang where you at

  20. praefectus_praetorio says

    Better than Excel and Outlook.

  21. voodoo02 says

    Mine is this but laptop connected to a dock that has 2 monitors connected. When my gaming rig is with 1 display

  22. Vdwereld says

    Nobody has steam open on the 2nd monitor? I’m very disappointed.

  23. TryHardKenichi says

    I have 4 monitors. One for web browsing or gaming, one for Reddit, one for YouTube, and the last one is for browsing or PDF’s.

  24. Oshia-Games says

    Only 200?

  25. unique_ubername says

    Second monitor is for zoom, main monitor is for games

  26. Khrot says

    I use my second monitor for Oldschool RuneScape.

  27. HeGaming says

    Lmao true

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